Compare and Contrast Between State University and Private University

A university is an institution of higher education and research which grants academic degrees in a variety of subjects. A university is a corporation that provides both undergraduate education and postgraduate education. Actually, University was divided into two which are public university and private university. In fact, the people have their argument about this issue and about choosing the best of them. As a result, the people fell confuse when they are choose the best of one. Because of these problems, we try to find several similarity and contrast of state university and the private university.

The first similarity of public university and private university is both universities require the student to have a bachelor’s degree. The second similarity is the environments in this both categories of university. They provides a lot of facilities that are suitable for student such as library, bookshop, computer labs, clinic, cafeterias, and accommodation. Besides, they both have a variety of student societies and recreational facilities such as badminton court, football fields, table tennis, swimming pool, and gymnasium.

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So that students can adapt their life easily in university.

The first difference is the cost that must be paid by students. Many people assume a public college is cheaper than a private college because of tuition fees are reduced for state residents. But the posted “sticker price” of a private college is rarely the real price. If a private college strongly appeals to you, consider waiting for its financial aid offer before making a final decision.

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More often than not, private colleges offer the scholarships and grants that significantly cut your actual cost, even bringing it close to the cost of a public college.

The second difference is programs availability. Many private universities do not offer as wide a range of classes and major options as public schools do. If you are looking for a specific major, it will often be harder to find a private school that offers that option and once you do find that university, it may be out of state and therefore out of budget. On the other hand, large public universities are often able to offer a wider range of subjects for you to study as well as more teachers to cover them.

And the last difference is the standard of scoring for students test. Actually, both universities are not the same in scoring for student’s success. For example, the students are learning the same material and taking the same tests, they are getting the different score because the both of the universities have different grade of the test. Actually, what really differs between the two universities is the school atmosphere in which the student learns the material. The students result formed through their school experiences are usually dramatically different.

Based on this explanation above, I prefer to choose a private university and study there. This is cause the private university offers course that are interested and suitable with students now. From statistic,more than 50% students will choose private university. Besides that, most employers will choose student that have degree certificated from private university as their workers because the course that they take in private university can fulfill the job market needed now.

In my conclusion, public university and private university have several similarities and differences. The similarity is both universities require the student to have a bachelor’s degree and same environment. And the differences from both of them are the cost for student, the programs available and the standard score for student success. In my view, the effect from the several similarities and differences are to help the students to decrease their problems and to make their learning process joyful.

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Compare and Contrast Between State University and Private University
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