Motivational Factors and Academic Performance in Cavite State University

A research proposal submitted to Ms. Azelle Charese Agdon. Instructor, Department of Economics Cavite State University Imus City, Cavite. In partial fulfilment of the requirement for subject DCEE 28, Methods of Research Bachelor of Science in Office Administration


Motivation is a complex process that addresses the diverse needs and expectations of students. Administrators face the challenging task of understanding and analyzing these unique individual needs to enhance student performance. They must foster students' attention towards their goals and guide their behavior.

Understanding how to motivate students is crucial for their academic success, influencing their learning, goal-setting, and overall success in their chosen fields. While students employ various strategies to motivate themselves, numerous factors impact their performance in today's educational landscape.

The Cavite State University, with its humble beginnings in 1906 as the Indang Intermediate School, has undergone several transformations. From the Indang Intermediate School to the Indang Farm School in 1918, Indang Rural High School in 1927, and finally, Don Severino National Agriculture School in 1958.

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The university expanded its reach by opening branch campuses in Imus, Trece Martires, and Silang, catering to a diverse student population across Cavite.

In the first semester of S.Y 2003-2004, Cavite State University opened a branch campus in Imus, Cavite. The Trece Martires Campus was established through the memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed on May 15, 2005, to start offering courses on the first semester of the school year 2005-2006. In the first semester of the school year 2006-2007, Cavite State University opened a branch campus in Silang, Cavite. At present, the entire Cavite State University system has ten campuses in different municipalities of Cavite with a total of 18,563 registered students as of its population.

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This research aims to identify the motivational factors affecting the academic performance of students at Cavite State University-Imus Campus. It seeks answers to questions regarding students' profiles, academic performance, and the most influential factors affecting their studies.

1. What is the students' profile in terms of?


Program enrolled


Enrollment Status

2. What is the academic performance of the students in terms of Grade Point Average (GPA) last semester (2nd semester of School Year 2013-2014)?

3. What are the factors that most affect the academic performance of the students?

Importance of the Study

The information gathered in this research benefits students by providing insights into how motivation impacts their academic performance. Instructors can also use these findings to enhance their teaching methods and better motivate their students. Future researchers can utilize this study as a guide for their own investigations.

Objectives of the Study

The general objective is to determine and analyze the motivational factors affecting academic performance at Cavite State University-Imus Campus. Specific goals include understanding students' profiles in terms of age, gender, program enrolled, year, and section, as well as identifying the factors most influencing academic performance.

Conceptual Framework

Figure 1. Factors Affecting Academic Performance

This conceptual framework illustrates the significant impact of various factors on student academic performance. These factors play a crucial role in helping students achieve their goals and succeed in the future. Motivation, a key element, is essential for students to excel academically, and teachers must employ effective strategies to inspire and motivate their students.

Time and Place of the Study

The research idea, "Motivational Factors Affecting the Academic Performance of Students in Cavite State University-Imus Campus," originated from observing students and contemplating the potential factors influencing their academic performance.

The study spanned from August 2014 to September 2014, covering Cavite State University Imus Campus, Palico IV Imus City Cavite.

Scope and Limitation

This research delves into the motivational factors affecting the academic performance of students at Cavite State University Imus Campus. The study aims to understand how students are genuinely motivated by these factors, collecting essential data from the school and conducting surveys to gather comprehensive insights.

Definition of Terms

Motivation – the process of providing someone with a reason for doing something or the condition of being eager to act or work. Factors – influences contributing to results or outcomes. Skills – the ability to do something resulting from training, experiences, or practice. Cavite State University – the primary focus of the researcher. Goals – something one is trying to do or achieve. Enrollment Status – the student's status as "regular or irregular."

Factors Influencing Academic Performance

Several factors can influence the academic performance of students at Cavite State University-Imus Campus. One crucial factor is the students' age, as different age groups may have varying levels of maturity and readiness for academic challenges. Understanding the age distribution among students allows administrators and instructors to tailor their teaching methods to meet the specific needs of each age group.

Another significant aspect to consider is the program in which students are enrolled. Various programs may demand different levels of commitment, skills, and effort. Analyzing the distribution of students across different programs provides valuable insights into the specific challenges and requirements of each program, contributing to a more targeted approach in enhancing academic performance.

Year and enrollment status are also essential factors influencing academic achievement. Students in different academic years may face distinct challenges and expectations. Additionally, the distinction between regular and irregular enrollment status can impact the level of continuity in students' education, potentially affecting their academic progress.

Academic Performance and GPA

Understanding the academic performance of students involves evaluating their Grade Point Average (GPA) from the last semester (2nd semester of School Year 2013-2014). GPA serves as a quantitative measure of students' overall academic achievements and can provide insights into their consistency and dedication to their studies.

Analyzing GPA allows administrators and instructors to identify trends and patterns in students' academic performance. For example,

Updated: Jan 11, 2024
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