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Students Motivation
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Students motivation is one of the most important factors influencing how much they learn. As you read the following case study, which involves a world history teacher who has her class involved in a unit on the Crusades, consider what she does to influence her students motivation. Motivation is a force that energizes, sustains and directs behavior toward a goal ( Brophy, 2004; Pintrich & Schunk, 2002), and researchers have found a positive and robust correlation between motivation and achievement…...
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Motivational factors affecting the academic performance of the students
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A research proposal submitted to Ms. Azelle Charese Agdon. Instructor, Department of Economics Cavite State University Imus City, Cavite. In partial fulfilment of the requirement for subject DCEE 28, Methods of Research Bachelor of Science in Office Administration INTRODUCTION Motivation is a process of satisfying students different needs and expectations, therefore, Administrators have to be aware of and analysis those unique, individual’s needs. Administrators have the difficult task of how they can improve the performance of the students. They have…...
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Learners are the main customers to every educator and therefore it is essential that they are constantly motivated. In the olden days, educators were of the view that students ought to in some way be naturally encouraged, not familiar with the function that they have to play in the motivation of the students. There are specific factors that an educator needs to consider in order to make sure that learners are motivated and the most essential of everything is developing…...
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The Last Lecture
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In this video, Randy Pausche, the Carnegie Mellon professor, is giving his last lecture. Although, he was fighting a terminal cancer, he was not talking about death, but about how to live in fullest. His last lecture is about his childhood dreams, enabling dreams of others, and about how we can try to achieve them. Randy’s speech is full of lessons which could be as valuable for students, workers, and housewives so long for managers, business owners, and executives. It…...
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