There are over 100,000 student-athletes in the Philippines who aspire of taking their athletic career to a professional level, but only a few can advance and can consider it as their primary source of income. This statistic shows that there is a minimal guarantee for a player to make it onto the next level, thus making students and even parents ponder if sacrificing academic progress for sport is still worth it. After all, if their athletic career didn’t go as planned, their educational attainment is one of the things they can fall back on.

This tells that preparing for a future outside of sports is as crucial as progressing and advancing onto the next level of a player’s athletic career.

Maintaining a decent grade alone is already hard and tiring for some, this is much harder for a student-athlete whose demand of focus isn’t only on sports but academic performance as well. As a matter of fact, majority of interschool secondary leagues in the Philippines require a student to achieve a passing grade of 75% and above to join and compete.

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Failure to meet the rule means losing the eligibility to participate in the said competition. Doubling the load makes time management more efficient for student-athletes to succeed academically

A research tells that lack of time is one of the sources of stress. Student-athletes and non-athletes experience the same increased academic and social demand during freshmen year, however, due to significant time constraint among student-athletes, they have less time acclimatizing and adjusting themselves, making lack of time a notable stressor for them.

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(Wilson, G. & Pritchard, M., 2005)

Ahmad (2014) studied time management and its relation to stress and academic achievement among UAE college students. Results showed that time management skills and stress can greatly affect a student’s performance in school. Academic achievement can be predicted through the combined effect of time management and perceived stress. This study emphasized the efficacy of applying proper time management when dealing with priorities. Students who aren’t aware of managing their time properly are at risk of not performing well in academics. Moreover, it is found that time management practices are correlated with anxiety lessening and higher academic achievement. Having a low academic score is a good predictor of having a low score on time management. (Nasrullah, S. & Khan, M.,2015)


When sports competition season arises, some of our senior high school students are excused from their classes due to trainings. These student athletes carry our school's name and represent it while doing what they love. These young, talented, and skilled students pour out their blood, sweat, and tears during training session and practice to prepare themselves for their game day. They are looked upon and admired by our fellow students and young kids for they empower them to dream big and reach their dreams. We may think that being a student athlete is easy, because they do what they love and are excused in any assessments and quizzes we take, but it isn't. Being a student athlete is hard. You need to balance your time, know your priorities, and cope up with lessons your teachers have discussed. Some even deal with injuries when accidents happen. They need to fulfill their role as a student and as an athlete.

This research aims to…

  • Show the significance of time management on the academic performance of each student-athletes
  • Determine the relation of time management with reducing stress and establishing focus when faced with lots of priorities
  • Know other factors that disrupt proper time management
  • Help student athletes balance their academic and extra-curricular by presenting the impact of time management on a student’s life


  • How does time management affect the academic performance of student-athletes?
  • How does time management reduce stress and help student-athletes build their focus?
  • What factors can contribute to the disruption of proper time management?
  • What are the effects of procrastination?


As some of us may see there a lot of student athletes who are having a hard time managing their time, balancing their academics and extra-curricular activities. Our research believes that proper time management really does help to manage and maintain academic performance of the student athletes. Since time management is correlated with stress, focus and academic performance, we assumed that having a high score on time management can guarantee a student’s high academic achievement. The thought of needing to win at games and coping up with your classmates are one of the factors why student athletes stress themselves out. Family problems, love life and peer pressure add up to. It is hard to build your focus when you face a big problem when you go home. The pressure from friends and coaches rooting for them to win at games, peer pressure from people who discourages and underestimates them or even having a fight with their special someone through game season greatly affects their mindset and makes them more stressed. Knowing what to prioritize and put first is beneficial for them to not cram on coping up with their missed lessons and excelling at school.


The findings of this study will benefit the following:

  • STUDENT ATHLETES: For them to know the significance of time management with their academic performance.
  • PARENTS: For them to guide their children on establishing time management intervention.
  • SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS: For them to gain insights as to what measures are appropriate to help coaches and student athletes in achieving.
  • FUTURE RESEARCHERS: The findings of this study will serve as a reference and source of information for future researches.
Updated: Feb 28, 2024
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