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Forest Restoration and Rehabilitation in the Philippines
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The Philippines as an agricultural country means that it is rich in terms of production. It has various resources that are bound to fulfill not only our basic necessities but also our luxuries. This may be the reason why many nations including Spain, America, and Japan had colonized the Philippines. As time goes by, modernization has slowly been taking place in the field of economics. Demands have constantly increased since then. So in order to satisfy the economy, factories have…...
DeforestationEcology And EnvironmentEnvironmental CrisisHow To Save TreesPhilippines
Is Rice Importation A Solution To The Rice Shortage In The Philippines
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Rice is important to our economy here in the Philippines. It is part of our culture because most of the Filipinos said that no meal would be complete without rice. Many poor farmers only depends on planting crops such as rice as their way of living which they will use to support their family, that is why they expect a lot like assistance/funds from the Government. This February 2019, our President Rodrigo Duterte had signed a law which is the…...
Tinikling: The National Dance of The Philippines
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One important factor in life as a human being is dancing. Dance is a form of arts, or it can be also a form of entertainment that puts sounds together in order to people find it interesting. Dance has different types. Since Philippines was colonized multiple times, it led to Filipinos to created a lot folk dances. One of famous dance in the Philippines is called Tinikling. This dance was a emerged during the Spanish colonial era and Tinikling eventually…...
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Tinikling: The Bird-like National Dance Of The Philippines
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Pages • 2
Have you ever heard of bamboo dancing or experience dancing using bamboo stick? I bet you don’t even know what a bamboo dancing looks like or what bamboo exactly mean. Dancing with bamboo stick is inspired by the nature. While some expressions mimic the swaying of tress, others resemble the flying of birds. It is not wrong to say that bamboo dancing is surely interesting and entertainment. Also, it forms with a recognizable history, the purpose of this dance, and…...
DancePhilippinesTradition And Culture
Visiting Bagumbayan Light and Sound Museum
Words • 617
Pages • 3
I remembered going to this Light and Sound Museum because we were required to visit this museum last school year in our RPH class. At first, I thought the museum is just small but the inside is actually spacious. A diorama of one of the fights battled between the Filipinos and Spaniards. The exhibition hall was separated into various rooms. Every last one of them is portraying a portion of the features of Philippine history. It has dioramas-moving reproductions of…...
The History of Philippine Psychology
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Pages • 4
The psychology of, regarding, and for the Filipinos was developed out of the have to establish willpower that is attentive to the requirements of the Filipino people. Generally, to some degree, it had been deemed a given until a few years ago that when 1 talked about mindset, one meant the psychology of Americans. Oriental psychology was unrecognized, at least, unacknowledged globally. The Zeitgeist in Cookware Psychology As time passes, however, there is a waking up, an understanding, by Asian…...
Philippines Unitary Government System
Words • 413
Pages • 2
The shift of the Philippines unitary government system to federal government system is one of the goals of President Rodrigo Duterte. As the current government system of the Philippines continues to disappoint its citizens, a federal government is proposed to be adopted as it may aid the pending development of the country. The Unitarian system became Manila- centric where power is limited only where the Central Government is placed and this resulted to imbalance development across the country. As a…...
FederalismGovernmentPhilippine GovernmentPhilippines
The Difference of Courtship Practices from Spanish Era to the Modern Times
Words • 725
Pages • 3
In 2002 study entitled “E-Courtship: A Descriptive Study” by Pamela Concepcion Panganiban, she explained that when two human beings start developing emotional attachments to one another, the relationship often turns from simple friendship to a romantic kind (Tucker, 2008) and once feelings are established between the two parties, the individual then pursues the person his or her interest (Tucker, 2008). It is therefore appropriate to say that when an individual, much like male, pursues a female, it signifies the act…...
T’Boli Tribe
Words • 562
Pages • 3
In the year 2000, there are nearly 102,900 T’boli people in the Philippines. Many of the T’boli people can be found at South Cotabato Province of Mindanao Island, which is located in the southern part of the country and has their own way of living. Their educational system can be compared to many other indigenous groups of people in Philippines. They are promoting the education to their community to have progress and to preserve their culture through it. Many of…...
AsiaCultural IdentityCultureCulture And TraditionPhilippinesTradition
Reflection from the Movie Pluma
Words • 265
Pages • 2
As the movie “Pluma” was showed to us, I suddenly realized that there were two major murders that happened in Philippine history. Rizal’s death so along with the country’s death but only the country survived the murder, as a result the fellow men help cure the country by loving, fighting and dying for it and Rizal as an inspiration for us Filipino’s to be homogeneous based on interest and culture and most of all to be patriots. Pluma, showed how…...
Quality Function Deployment Approach
Words • 524
Pages • 3
The Quality Function Deployment Approach (QFD) is an analytic method in capital budgeting that analyzes the need of customer and assesses the competitor’s status in the industry (Partobi, F. Y. , 1999). As cited in Partobi’s QFD approach, it is not only in the variables of the cost of capital that rely the conclusive viability and success but more so by learning and acknowledging the advantages of constant change of market. It can be noted from Partobi’s that the constant…...
BusinessPhilippinesQualitiesSupply Chain Management
Quality of Education in the Philippines
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Pages • 1
When we say “education”, we mean academic achievements is not it? ; academic awareness and information on every specific subjects of life learn from mainstream schools and universities and not learn outside the mainstream schools and universities. Thus, when one learn something outside what the mainstream schools and universities teaches and share it to others, one is despised as a non-educated person or one’s gain knowledge and information is baseless and rubbish and cannot be accepted like a bastard child…...
EducationHuman NaturePhilippinesQualities
Pre-Spanish Philippine Literature
Words • 796
Pages • 4
Bambi Rose M. Espanola BA Psychology III December 13, 2011 Philippines Pre-spanish Literature Even before the Spaniards came to the Philippines, the country already possessed a rich literary tradition. This tradition serves as a mirror of the life, values, hopes, ideals and aspirations of the ancient Filipino people. In this tradition, literary works were usually orally passed to the next generations. Ancient people used these literary works for recreation and ritual purposes. These works are fables, legends, myths, folktales, folksongs,…...
Philippine RH (Reproductive Health) Bill: a Matter of Public Opinion
Words • 844
Pages • 4
The most ethical argument among Lagman, Santiago, Villegas and Garcia is Garcia's. Although she presented her stands on the issue using her personal view as a mother, she was able to convey her consequentialist stand. According to her, “right to reproductive health” does not just boil down to the contraceptives and other artificial family planning devices that the government would distribute when the RH Bill would be passed. Also, she mentioned using an anecdote about her friend that making contraceptive…...
HealthLovePhilippinesPhilosophical TheoriesPhilosophy
Philippine Constitution
Words • 600
Pages • 3
The aim of this section is to forbid the making, storing, manufacture or testing in our country of nuclear weapons, devices or parts thereof as well as the use of our territory as dumping site for radioactive wastes and transit within our territory of ships or planes with nuclear weapons. The State shall promote a just and dynamic social order that will ensure the prosperity andindependence of the nation and free the people from poverty through policies that provideadequate social…...
The Philippine Administrative System
Words • 1698
Pages • 7
Introduction When talking about Philippine Administrative System, first thing that comes to mind is about the government and its political divisions in the country. It is about the nations’s political hierarchy such as the central government, provinces, municipalities and barangay. However, these divisions and subdivisions can be attributed to our past history. It is not a plant that simply blooms from nowhere. The Philippine Administrative System is dynamic, shaped and evolved through time. Spanish colonial period From Spanish colonial period…...
This paper aims to examine Mabini’s political stance for the Filipino Nation
Words • 2810
Pages • 12
The years in which the Malolos Republic came into existence was a time filled with controversy for the Filipino People. It was a time of transition for the Philippines in terms of colonial masters - from Spanish rule to American rule. Much tension was happening within the country's own government with different leaders trying to assert their own positions, at whatever cost. Some were eager to adopt the American democracy while some were convinced that the Philippines needed time to…...
Marketing Manager, Trip Travel Agency
Words • 818
Pages • 4
          Although it has been frequently pointed out that the Philippines is the most western country in the east, its business practices are still far from how it is in the United States. This is especially true in business writing. One must be sensitive to business culture in the Philippines in order for one to write an effective letter to a Filipino business person. It goes without saying that how business letters are written reflects the…...
Global Economic Crisis: Implications and Challenges
Words • 984
Pages • 4
Is there any hope, waiting for us to a brighter prospect of life? There are so many problems that we are experiencing right now. For our country Philippines, the Global Economic Crisis really put our country at stake. There is a big probability that there are many fellow Filipinos will be put to the test; on how high are their faith and how strong they are in facing the Economic crisis as of now. As a citizen concern, there are…...
Economy CrisisPhilippinesPovertyPrice
Expanding Market For Cocowater Economics Essay
Words • 7312
Pages • 30
Coconut is the major tree harvest in the Philippines. Gary Teves of the Landbank of the Philippines in one his addresss provinces that coconut merchandises in the state serves as a beginning of income to an estimation of 3.4 million coconut husbandmans with an estimation of 491 million coconut trees, located in 3.3 million hectares ( 33 % ) of Philippines ' cultivable land and that these produces 12 billion nuts yearly which benefits practically one-third of the Filipino population.This…...
Education: School Types and English Language
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Pages • 6
Education in the Philippines is based on the education system of the United States, with some variations. Generally, compulsory elementary education runs for 6 years, while secondary education takes 4 years. After high school there are vocational courses or colleges which offer courses for a varying number of years depending on the course. University courses leading to a bachelor’s degree are usually 4 years long. The school year, which is at least 200 days or 40 weeks long, generally begins…...
EducationEnglish LanguageLiteracyPhilippinesSchool
Cross-Cultural Differences in Household Management
Words • 581
Pages • 3
In many situations, the maids will spend far more time with the children than both the parents. Thus, the management of children in Hong Kong is highly related to the amah in the family. There are certain requirements of maids before employment in Hong Kong: 2/3 Weeks training of Chinese household management Experience in managing children As most of employers are busy at work, the maid becomes a critical part in the family in taking care of the children during…...
HouseholdOld ManPhilippines
Cosmetic Surgery in the Philippine Setting
Words • 1418
Pages • 6
In our paper, we will find out if all people would consider cosmetic surgery as recourse to enhancing oneself and one's sexuality. Objectives This research paper attempts to answer the questions raised before, that is, who are willing to undergo these operations for the sake of beauty? And what do the young Filipinos of this generation think about cosmetic surgery? Also this paper aims to enumerate the reasons why or factors operating on the decision of why people undergo cosmetic…...
BeautyCosmetic SurgeryPhilippinesPlastic Surgery
Philippine Television
Words • 742
Pages • 3
Filipinos is very into entertaining shows like game shows, news, comedy shows but Filipinos look forward more to television seryes or the so called teleserye. These shows are somehow similar to Korean dramas and American TV shows but it differs in air time, I mean teleseryes are aired for five times a week with the same time unlike other dramas it's aired for twice a week. Filipinos are really into Philippine drama especially in primetime but there are also Filipinos…...
Philippines War on Drugs
Words • 481
Pages • 2
This research titled 'The impact of Duterte's war on drugs on the perceived safety of Filipino inhabitants and the impact on the regime's legitimacy' is a Post Graduate thesis authored by Iris Kattouw, a Masters student from Radbound University Nijmegen. The author followed a survey, ethnographic research design- he stayed in the Province of Antique for 3 months to live among the locals and experience for himself the changes that the drug war has brought to the community. As stated…...
PhilippinesViolenceWar On Drugs
The Politics of Ethnicity and Moro Secessionism in The Philippines
Words • 297
Pages • 2
The Muslim secessionist movement in the Philippines has been a continuing concern of the government. From the colonial to post-colonial period, regimes have tried to understand the deep underlying reasons behind the Muslim rebellion and attempted to confront secessionism in various modes, ranging from military to peaceful engagements. This paper is another effort to examine the issue of Muslim separatism. However, unlike other approaches the study analyzes secessionism from the perspective of ethno politics. It appraises the significance of the…...
Words • 432
Pages • 2
CHAPTER VICULTURAL AND LITERARY INSPIRATIONThis writing is impressed with facts that Francisco Balagtas Baltazar is indeed a paragon of cultural and literary inspiration.In several discussions about preceding chapters, Filipino laureate stirred up national consciousness that triggers patriotism, opposed colonialism and elevate our Filipino culture through his long line of inspiring works.Francisco Balagtas Baltazar serve as both cultural and literary inspiration. For one, He has been hailed as the greatest among the brood of Tagalog poets. But beyond a literary merit…...
Words • 704
Pages • 3
Korea has produced admirable improvements from the Joseon era's cruel and corrupt governance, the Japanese colonialist maniac rape and pillage, and its early democracy's bloodthirsty dictatorships. South Korea developed from a country dependent on other countries from the end of the Korean War to a powerful and rising nation for its national security, progressively capable of meeting its own defense requirements.By deploying main forces such as mechanized and self-propelled artillery units, attack weapons and equipment in the forward area, the…...
AttitudeGovernmentInternational RelationsPhilippines
Televisions are Prominent Items Every Household Has
Words • 374
Pages • 2
Televisions are prominent items every household has. On average, 2.3 television sets are present in American homes as of 2015 and has been growing since 1947 counting to only thousands (Berry and Woodward, 2017). However, its psychosocial effects are not seen immediately and stays dormant only to reappear later in life, especially on children in their adolescence. Hereby, people watching 1-3 hours of television a day - the average time spent by an individual - experience long-term psychosocial effects such…...
Teleseryes: Why Filipinos are so Hooked
Words • 2340
Pages • 10
This should be considered as a social phenomenon because Most Filipinos engage themselves to watching these. Watching teleseryes are already a part of the daily routines of most Filipinos. It is important to know why Filipinos are so hooked into teleseryes because it greatly affects how they perceive the current state of our society. Most teleseryes are based on the social phenomenon of the country, so it is also right to conduct a study on why and how Filipinos are…...
Preliminary Examination
Words • 2000
Pages • 8
Read and digest the Introduction part of Benedict Anderson's Imagined Communities and answer the following: (60 points) How did Benedict Anderson discuss the term nationalism and what was his take on these definitions? In Benedict Andersen's Imagined Communities, he discusses the term nationalism by bringing up many definitions on the word itself. From different sources and of different backgrounds. First was from the definition of Seton-Watson, he said that it can't be scientifically defined, but it exists as a phenomenon.…...
ExaminationNationalismPhilippinesPhilosophical Theories
Skilled Workers In The Philippines
Words • 663
Pages • 3
Deployment of carpenters is not the appropriate solution for the shortage in skilled workers here in the Philippines The Philippines have always been the source of skilled workers who have been recruited and selected by companies in different countries across the world. However, nowadays, the Philippines is facing a scarcity in skilled workers such as carpenters. According to the Department of Labor and Employment's (DoLE) Bureau of Local Employment, the country is not producing enough skilled workers to meet the…...
Specific issue: Blackface and Whitewashing in the Philippine Film and Media Industry
Words • 498
Pages • 2
Specific issue: Blackface and Whitewashing in the Philippine Film and Media Industry Background: Racism has started since the master and slave set up, and even having so many protests and claims for equality rights, we cannot deny that it is still evident in our society. And finally, racism has ended up in film and entertainment too. Whitewashing is a kind of casting where film studios would placed white actors in lead roles under the assumption that the majority of the…...
The war on drugs
Words • 526
Pages • 3
I am in favor of it because they are united in helping one another. They are helping the people and the country. The government is the one who helped us so as not to ruin ourselves. The war on drugs, Rodrigo Duterte implemented the Oplan Tokhang it was the knock on the door of the home of the suspected drug user and pusher. I agree of what Duterte propose a program because we know that it can good those people…...
ChinaEducationPhilippinesWar On Drugs
The Philippines Were Part of the Top 10 Countries Worldwide with Highest Human Rabies Deaths
Words • 385
Pages • 2
The Philippines is on the top 10 countries worldwide with highest human rabies deaths. (Miranda et al., 2017). Since rabies causes a significant public health problem, the Anti - Rabies Act of 2007 (RA 9482) was enacted to address the country's growing concerns on the disease. The act mandated for the creation of a national policy to control, prevent and eliminate human and animal rabies while establishing the responsible pet ownership (Medina et al., 2016; Miranda et al.). In 2018,…...
Relationship Between Filipinos
Words • 1037
Pages • 5
Danica Jane Arduo Filipinos, especially those who grew up in well to do families, usually hire helpers/maids. Based on the article, how does this culture reflect the power struggle between Filipinos belonging to different economic status? In the article, what comes to pass is that through servitude the battle for power is totally tipped since the majority of the power is taken from the partners as they are compelled to do everything their proprietors need for near nothing. As observed…...
Jenesys Program
Words • 1287
Pages • 6
What are your expectations about the program? Ever since when I was young, I dreamt of discovering the world through my own eyes. I am an adventurer and a risk-take. I love trying new things because I believe I learn from them, whatever the result is, good or bad. Part of my bucket list I hope to fulfill is to visit and know why Japan is unique in its own ways. When I first heard of the JENESYS Program, I…...
OtherPhilippinesSocial MediaTradition
South Korean Pop Culture
Words • 2157
Pages • 9
Introduction South Korean pop culture is growing at an unprecedented rate. The stars of the industry set the trends, and dictates the way people sing, dress, and eat not only in Asia but even in Europe or simply all around the world, directly influencing what gets sold, what genre of music, what food and what will be the next big thing. In the past few years, many trends came and went in the Philippines. Despite the cultural barrier between South…...
FELISILDA YOBHEL ANGELA E Essay 1201902232 1327
Words • 1298
Pages • 6
FELISILDA, YOBHEL ANGELA E. Essay 12019-02232 1327 wordsEng 13 TH3The Roles of Language in Activism in the Philippine Setting"Huwag matakot. Makibaka!"Indeed, this phrase is a prevalent statement we can hear through chants and shouts or see painted red on a placard by group activists gathering to protest against the government. Usually, these acts are present when something questionable was done by the authoritative government which has spawned a problem or an issue that affects the people or some sectors in…...
The Farmers Plea: Century-Old Problem That Still Persists
Words • 2561
Pages • 11
The Spanish regime was accounted to be the longest yet one of the darkest periods of Philippine history under the hands of a tyrant colonizer. But this unfortunate chapter of our country set forth a hero who rose to fame and stood the challenges of time as a literary genius utterly disgusted by the abusive friars and corrupt government. One of his foreign biographers, Frank C. Lubach wrote, "He became not only the best-educated Malay but one the most astonishingly…...
AgricultureIf I Were A FarmerPhilippinesPovertyRice
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Teleseryes: Why Filipinos are so Hooked
..."They say art imitates life, so it's no surprise that with all the ~drama~ in Philippine politics, local teleseryes tend to feature rich and powerful characters who hold seats in the government." (Tabanera, L. G., 2019) Retrieved from - Using teleser...

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