The history of the Philippines archipelago

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The Philippines archipelago is comprises of about 7,641 islands which only about 2,000 are inhabited. The three major island of the Philippines namely Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao has its different and own history of how people defended and fight for their land, people’s way of living before colonization, tradition and practices. Learning Philippines History in today’s generation is very crucial because it helps us to understand our past, it gives us knowledge about the origin of the culture that we have today and helps us acknowledge the people who whole heartedly sacrifice their life for our country.

In the first chapter of the discussion, we have learned that finding the truth about the history of the Philippines is very hard because historian must be careful and cautious in collecting data and resources from the past and it also undergo a process and methods where historians must filter every single details about the resources they get and makes sure that its content is not biased and concerned not only for the victors but also recognized all people regarding their position in life for contributing to the history.

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Learning things about the Philippine History does not only about recognizing people behind the freedom, culture and practices that we have today it also gives us knowledge to ensure that we don’t repeat the same mistakes that the people did before but learn something from it in order to give a better future and decisions for our country.

From the previous lesson we discussed and familiarize about the different kind of sources that gives the historians about the idea of what happened in the past, what methods and processes they do to analyze the facts and the criticisms that they faced.

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In this chapter we discussed and analyze a sample primary source of history from the Summary of First Voyage Around the World by Magellan by Antonio Pigafetta.

From the summary of the context, it gives the whole class a background and representation of the Filipinos before, Antonio Figafetta’s first encounter with the locals to the death of Magellan from Lapu-Lapu’s forces. His work considered as one of the earliest written account and was seen as a credible source. In the analysis of his work, it was seen that the context is in favor of Spain because he emphasizes the natives, the abundance of golds and spices because he was send by the King of Spanish to gather information in expanding the Spanish empire. We learned that we must analyze sources very carefully because we need to be fair and unbiased in giving facts.

Moreover in this chapter we also discussed and analyze the KKK and Kartilya ng Katipunan which served as code of conduct of the Katipunero. It contains the rules, principle and how should act correctly as a member of the organization. One of the rule that was written there was about treating women equally and respectfully because of gender inequality, women before were just known to be weak, a helper and a keeper of the family and younger women should follow their path and even before women were not allowed to go to school or have the chance to get educated. They also include there that women should not be look upon as a plaything but should recognize as faithful companion that a man should share all of the better or worse thing that they will encounter. In addition, men being a guide and a protector of the family is also included there. All of the rules that were written in the Kartilya were very interesting and knowledgeable for me because the rules that was made hundreds of years ago by a very young intelligent man Emilio Jacinto is surprisingly applicable and relevant until this time.

In addition, we also talked about the Proclamation of Philippines Independence from the Spanish colonization by selling us to the United States. Biases in the context about the Philippine declaration of Philippine independence in terms of powers was seen, the disreputable death of GOMBURZA and the killing of Jose Rizal which serve as a catalyst in the revolution was mentioned however the one who first started the revolution against the Spaniards were mentioned once but Bonifacio and his mens do not include there. This justify that even in the most important paper in the history must be analyze and filter.

It is important that in every texts that we read, we must first look on the other side and set aside the biases, identify the truth and consider other important details. After the Philippines achieved the independence from Spain, the Americans take over the country. Filipinos were known from being creative and they used it against the United States to reveal that even though Americans promised the country the freedom and modernity, they still benefit from its money and resources. The occupation of Americans to the Philippines started a revolution and ended on July 4, 1946.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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