History of the Baking in the Philippines

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I got to admit, if given the chance to choose between rice, pasta or bread, I would definitely go for pasta any day. This is also the reason why I tend to be extra picky with the type of breads that I eat. I love freshly baked pan de sal paired with a spoonful of peanut butter and a cup of hot cocoa. Soft and fluffy ciabatta bread has been my favorite when I'm making myself a sandwich. As for the type of breads that I avoid, these are ones with raisins, dates or the fruity type.

I really do not know why but I always end up plucking each tiny fruit out before biting into the bread. One day, I received a box of freshly baked goodies from Bread Story Philippines. It was after visiting their Facebook page that I found out that the brand actually originates fromMalaysia. We had some of their specialty breads for lunch. Among the four breads on the plate, I liked the Flossy Signature which had buttery pork floss on top.

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The Flossy Hottie, on the other hand, was topped with spicy chicken floss and was pretty good too. We also liked the pizza flavored bread called Hi Amigo (Php. 46) which tasted like a Hawaiian, our favorite pizza flavor. The fourth type of bread was the one that I least enjoyed as it had creamy custard inside and was a tad too sweet for me. Nonetheless, I liked that the breads were very soft making each bite such a delight.

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Papa also liked the Pandan bread and commented that it was very soft and fragrant.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to try this anymore as my family happily consumed the entire half loaf for breakfast one day. Bread Story also has cakes available for all occasions. How I wish that Bread Story would soon open more branches nearer to home. For now, I have to travel all the way to the south to be able to try more of their bread offerings. Bread Story is located at the Basement Level of SM Southmall, Las Pinas City.

Updated: Jun 05, 2020
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