Korea has produced admirable improvements from the Joseon era’s cruel and corrupt governance, the Japanese colonialist maniac rape and pillage, and its early democracy’s bloodthirsty dictatorships. South Korea developed from a country dependent on other countries from the end of the Korean War to a powerful and rising nation for its national security, progressively capable of meeting its own defense requirements.

By deploying main forces such as mechanized and self-propelled artillery units, attack weapons and equipment in the forward area, the North has a combat posture that would allow it to launch surprise attacks at any time.

Under such circumstances, Pyongyang may launch provocations against the South as a way of resolving the sense of crisis or dissatisfaction within its system, or to gain international attention.

Rodrigo Duterte, on the other hand, the country’s largest city and potential presidential candidate in 2016 on the Philippines, suggested reviving compulsory military training for college pupils to increase state forces in the disputed West Philippine Sea (West Philippine Sea) in the face of Chinese aggression.

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Supporters of the compulsory ROTC (Reserved Officers Training Corps) link the problem to the West Philippine Sea, arguing that if the conflict escalates to war, it will guarantee that the country has sufficient army reservists.

Duterte said the Reserved Officers Training Course (ROTC) can help “build a credible self-defense force” in a statement on Thursday, April 23, because the Philippines cannot depend exclusively on their U.S. mutual defense treaty.

“While we expect the US to come to our aid if [we are] attacked by a foreign force, the country must also be self-reliant.

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And to build up a credible self-defense force, the country must restore the ROTC that was once part of the college curriculum,” Duterte said. “Our students are presently too preoccupied with texting, Facebook, and other social media diversions that they don’t even know how to handle a rifle like we used to during our time,” he said. Duterte had his ROTC at the Lyceum of Manila.

Duterte said the ROTC can instill “discipline, nationalism, and patriotic obligation” in students if correctly enforced – values that will guide them should China become more aggressive in claiming maritime territories that the Philippines also claim.

Previous studies revealed that it has been almost two decades since the government agreed to make the Reserved Officers Training Corps (ROTC) optional for students in college. This explains why most youths have only learned it from social media or even from hearsays. It is perhaps the reason why some of them may or may not get full comprehension of why it needs to return.

Moves to reinstate mandatory ROTC are not new. Since the passage of the Republic Act 9163 in 2002, which made the ROTC program only one of the National Service Training Program (NSTP) options, military-turned lawmakers have consistently pushed for the reservist program to be carried back to its glorious days.

The ROTC was abolished following the murder of a student at the University of Santo Tomas for revealing suspected corruption in the military training program of the school. In 2002, it became voluntary to undergo ROTC.

According to Caday (2013), ROTC was generally implemented with the purpose of training Filipino citizens, where in this case, college students, in terms of defending the country and strengthening the territorial defense in case of foreign invasion and any other various forms of threats. But because of the racket with regards to improving the said program and at the same time caused by a large number of instances, wherein it is used for abuse and hazing which then stemmed in deaths of a number of students, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) conceptualized NSTP during Arroyo’s administration.

At present, there is still limited literature available on 10th grade students’ attitudes towards implementing the ROTC program. This study seeks to identify the opinions among Grade 10 students in ETTMNHS concerning the implementation of the ROTC program. This research’s contribution is presumed to be significant as it will not only provide a glimpse of why applying the ROTC program is a must, but also know the students ‘ attitudes to the program. This study will provide some perspectives and data on how the general program is designed to help learners develop skills and attitudes.

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