Tinikling: The Bird-like National Dance Of The Philippines

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Have you ever heard of bamboo dancing or experience dancing using bamboo stick? I bet you don’t even know what a bamboo dancing looks like or what bamboo exactly mean. Dancing with bamboo stick is inspired by the nature. While some expressions mimic the swaying of tress, others resemble the flying of birds. It is not wrong to say that bamboo dancing is surely interesting and entertainment. Also, it forms with a recognizable history, the purpose of this dance, and a skill and techniques that they use while training.

Bamboo dancing was originally named “Cheraw”, the popular dance of Mizoram. Bamboo dance is performed in the north eastern state Mizoram. This dance includes four to eight people. It is the most notable dance of Mizoram and a center for attraction during festive season in Mizoram. Similar dance forms could be found in East and even in Philippines knowns as Tinikling. Undoubtedly, Cheraw is one of the oldest folk dances of Mizoram and also an integral part of almost every Mizo festival.

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As of today, dance is performed during most festive events celebrated in the state to honor their people (Danceask).

The purpose of this dance traditionally was performed so as to provide comfort to the soul of dead mothers. In ancient times, Cheraw dance was performed with the hope of providing solace to soul of a deceased mother who had left her newborn child on earth. However, as of today, this dance is performed during most festive events celebrated in the state.

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The horizon of Cheraw dance has expanded significantly. Furthermore, this dance form is also considered to be the oldest in Mizoram.

In terms of technique, this dance involves performers alternatively moving in and out of a pair of crossed bamboo staves laid horizontally on the ground. In addition, this crossed bamboo staves are arranged on the ground by few people facing each other on each side. Furthermore, the bamboo staves are clapped which result in a generation of sound which forms the basic musical rhythm for this dance. It indicates the timing of the dance as well.

In conclusion, Cheraw dance might not be that popular in the United States, but it is one of the best and entertaining dances for old people. Cheraw dance is considered as the most colorful and distinct dance of the Mizo. Therefore, in the future more people would know more about it and appreciate the Cheraw dance.

Updated: Nov 30, 2020
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