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Classification of Instrument Which Are Used in Sri Lankan Schools
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School Bands The band plays at different essential school activities bringing light and splendor to the events. Any of these are the Yearly Inter House Athletics conference, the school prize-giving, cultural events. The Western Band plays at the Sports and the Eastern Band works together in a rare show of color, sound, rhythm and harmony. 1) Western Band No Name of the instrument Methods of Sound Production Instrument Type Marching Bass Drum Idiophone Percussion Marching Snare Drum Membranophone Percussion Flute…...
Classical MusicFluteMusicMusic IndustryMusical InstrumentsMy Country Sri Lanka
Travel Sri Lanka Like a Local
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I grew up in Kandy, the country's hill capital. Then sometime later I decided to discover every corner of my island. And now, I'm putting here what you can experience in Sri Lanka, like I did. To begin, did you know that after a 30-year civil war and the devastation of the 2004 tsunami, Sri Lanka again gained the popularity by ranking as the 'best country to visit in 2019' by the Lonely Planet? More than 2 million people visited…...
My Country Sri Lanka
Destination Weddings in My Country Sri Lanka
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Being a country that will let your fantasized imaginations to be real, it is undoubtedly the perfect spot to seal your wedding vows too. I bet now you have lots of questions in your mind about having your wedding in Sri Lanka. Don't worry, you have your answers below. Why choose Sri Lanka for your dream day Sri Lanka is ranked the third most popular destination for weddings in the world. Couples who choose Sri Lanka have excellent choices of…...
I Love My CountryMarriageMy Country Sri Lanka
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Sri Lanka Army
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Key reasoning is characterized as a psychological or suspecting process connected by a person with regards to accomplishing an objective or set of objectives in a diversion or other undertaking. As a psychological movement, it produces thought. At the point when connected in an authoritative key administration process, vital reasoning includes the age and utilization of one of a kind business experiences and openings planned to make upper hand for a firm or association. It very well may be done…...
ArmyInnovationMy Country Sri Lanka
The Food Industry in Sri Lankan
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Declaration I certify that this report does not incorporate without acknowledgement, any material previously submitted for a degree or diploma in any university, and to the best of my knowledge and belief it does not contain any material previously published or written by another person, except where due reference is made in text. Executive Summary The food industry is an important sector in Sri Lankan economy. It consist of activities related to processing, converting, preparing, preserving, packing and distributing food…...
BusinessFoodMy Country Sri LankaTechnology
Sri Lankan tea industry
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Sri Lankan tea industry has been cherishing through a long history running back to the early 1867 and celebrated its sesquicentennial celebrations in 2017. The annual tea production recorded 307 million kilograms of made tea in 2017 which is a 5.14 % increase compared to 2016, whilst the exports recorded 288 million kilograms of the annual tea production in 2017 (Growth Beyond Measure, 2018). In the context of the Sri Lankan economy, the tea industry can be considered as one…...
AutomationIndustryMy Country Sri LankaPlantationTea
Business Environment of Sri Lanka Telecom Plc
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If not for all of them my assignment wouldn’t have been a success. Kevin De Silva Executive Summary This assignment gives an exhaustive analysis focusing mainly on the business environment on one of the most leading companies in the communication industry of Sri Lanka. It is also the national telecommunication service provider of the country, Sri Lanka Telecom PLC. Task one gives an in-depth analysis of what the organization is, on what corner stone’s it is built on, what it…...
BusinessEnvironmentMy Country Sri Lanka
The Importance of Poson Poya
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Festival celebrated in Sri Lanka on the full moon of June. The Poson Poya, which is specially noteworthy to the Sri Lankan Buddhists as the day on which Emperor Asoka’s son, the arahant Mahinda, officially introduced Buddhism to the island in the 3rd century B.C. In addition to the normal ritualistic observances undertaken on a poya day, on Poson day devotees flock to Anuradhapura, the ancient capital city of the country, for it was there that arahant Mahinda converted the…...
BuddhismFestivalMy Country Sri LankaReligion
Sports in Sri Lanka
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We Sri Lankans as a nation have faced three decades of bloody terrorism. The impacts upon our society by the conflicts are deep and memorable with brutal consequences. It has been a leach sucking the blood of prosperity and peace. It has influenced badly in every corner of our society and our economy. The sports in Sri Lanka had no strength to escape from the grip of the brutality of the era. Yet in this context at least some sports…...
My Country Sri LankaPoliticsRugbySportsVolleyball
Develop Tourism in Sri Lanka
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Introduction In countries like Maldives, Malaysia, Singapore and Spain, tourism and related recreation activities play a significant role in the generation of income / foreign exchange and provision of employment opportunities. In fact, in the global context this industry is identified as the single largest economic contributor. Moreover, tourism plays a crucial role in the attainment of macroeconomic stability. Besides, the political stability of a country has a major impact on its tourism industry. According to the preceding view, this…...
EconomyEmploymentMy Country Sri LankaSingaporeSustainabilityTourism
SRi Lanka Travel & Tourism
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With over 1,600 km of coastline, Sri Lanka is well known for its tropical beach resorts and related sports such as water sports, deep-sea fishing, underwater photography, scuba diving at shipwrecks and coral reefs, and whale watching. Other major tourist attractions include ancient heritage sites and forest resorts in Wild Life Sanctuaries. There has been a significant improvement in Sri Lanka’s tourism with the return of peace to the island nation, following the May 2009 declaration of conclusive victory over…...
EconomyImportance Of Travel And TourismMy Country Sri LankaTourism
Culture of Sri Lanka
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Ceylon Tea The culture of Sri Lanka has been influenced by many factors, but has managed to retain much of its ancient aspects. Mostly it has been influenced by its long history and its Buddhist heritage. The country has a rich artistic tradition, embracing the fine arts, including music, dance, and visual arts. The Sri Lankan lifestyle is reflected in the cuisine, festivals, and sports. South Indian influences are visible in many aspects. There is also some influences from colonization…...
CultureMy Country Sri Lanka
King Devanampiyatissa
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During the reign of king Asoka of india,Srilanka was ruled by king Tissa who was the second son of kung Muthaseeva. King Asoka and King Tissa were very close friends. Kung Tissa sent delegation to meet kingAsoka with several gifts. The leader of that group was Prince Maha Aritta who was the nephew of King Tissa. This delegation was ceremoniously received by Emperor Asoka. This delegation spent about 5 months in India. King Asoka sent back alarge collection of precious…...
BuddhismIndiaMy Country Sri LankaReligion
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Classification of Instrument Which Are Used in Sri Lankan Schools
...School Cadet Band participated in numerous events, including the Carol Service, Annual Award Distribution, and Annual Inter House Sports Meet. The Band engaged in the Ranaviru Day in addition to the College functions. The school’s Sri Lankan Cadet ...

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