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Being a country that will let your fantasized imaginations to be real, it is undoubtedly the perfect spot to seal your wedding vows too. I bet now you have lots of questions in your mind about having your wedding in Sri Lanka. Don’t worry, you have your answers below.

Why choose Sri Lanka for your dream day

Sri Lanka is ranked the third most popular destination for weddings in the world. Couples who choose Sri Lanka have excellent choices of selecting the backdrop for their wedding.

It maybe a golden sandy beach, a lakeside hotel, a tea plantation, a wild jungle, adventurous national parks, in a river boat or at an old church. Whether you want an exotic or traditional Sri Lankan style wedding, it will surely hold a special place in the hearts of you and your guests forever.

Wondering what is the best season to have your wedding

I suggest you plan for the location depending on the weather.

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While tropical rains will be romantic when you stay inside your luxurious hotel, they will ruin your day out wedding at a beach or photographs capturing the beautiful moments. In the west and south coasts or at the hillside the weather will be fine from December to May. The best time to travel to the east coast is during April to September. Although prices drop at bad seasons, you shouldn’t think about the costs and should find the best season to travel.

When is the ideal time to start organizing a wedding in Sri Lanka

A wedding in foreign country seems a bit scary at the first glance.

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But if you organize early everything will go smoothly. To get the best rates and to book all your wedding ceremony locations, you should start planning a year before the wedding. You don’t want to be stressed at the last minute, right?

Finding a wedding planner

The most important thing you will need to find before you think about any of the services is a wedding planner. Wedding planners would ensure that all wedding services are booked on time so that you enjoy your wedding days without stress. A wedding planner will charge a fixed fee depending on the responsibilities handled by his/her planner team.

What Documents and certificates do you need

Documentation for wedding ceremony must be sent to the hotel at least 4 weeks prior to the wedding day and it should include the following.

  1. Photocopy of birth certificate (original to be presented prior to the wedding day)
  2. Photocopy of valid passport (original to be presented prior to the wedding day)
  3. Details of the names, addresses and occupations of the couple to be married
  4. Details of parents names, occupations and addresses
  5. An affidavit confirming marital status of bride and groom prior to the wedding.
  6. If either party to the marriage is divorced, a Decree Absolute proving the lawful termination of the previous marriage must be presented prior to the wedding ceremony.
  7. If widowed, death certificate of former spouse of the previous marriage should be presented.
  8. If names have been changed prior to the wedding, legal proof of change of name should be given.

What should you do before the wedding

Now if you have decided Sri Lanka is your dream wedding destination then you should know how to plan everything right. Choose a date with the best season. When you find a date that fits your travelling time and that of any guests, you can go ahead to work with a travel and wedding planner.

Then fix budget and decide whether your wedding will have guests and how many of them are coming. Then you can ask the coordinator of the agency you work with about the costs and information on the availability of your chosen location. Book the desired location as soon as possible, otherwise someone else will book it. Pay a deposit and then it cannot be booked by anyone else on those dates.

If you are having an official ceremony, get all the necessary legal documentation prepared. Arrange tickets and accommodation sooner for your guests. Lock in all details 6 months before your wedding. Then relax! Everything will be organized perfectly and all you need to do is enjoy your day and celebrate.

Wedding Venue

Sri Lanka has perfect venues for weddings of every style and size. Couples can choose from several options that best suits their wedding style and budget. The most popular are Avani Kalutara Resort, Cinnamon Bey Beruwala, Shangri – La Colombo, Taj Samudra, Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo, Cinnamon Lodge Habarana, Vivanta by Taj Bentota, Jetwing Blue and Weligama Bay Marriott Resort and Spa. Most of these properties have an itinerary of 70+ Rooms, indoor and outdoor space that can host a gathering of 200 – 2000 people.

Food and Beverages

Sri Lankan food is reflecting its culinary heritage with aromatic spices and varying flavors. The use of cinnamon, curry leaves and coconut are more popular. They are used in almost every dish. Seafood, meat and veggies with tasty looking curries highlights a typical Sri Lankan meal. Sri Lankans drink herbal beverages that are very much refreshing.

Menu for a Sri Lanka Destination Wedding would include a Welcome drink, sometimes two soups, two appetizers, two meat dishes (chicken, beef and pork), two fish dishes, three vegetable dishes, three rice dishes (rice, noodles and pasta) and Six desserts.

Some common dishes would be Basmati Chicken Fried Rice, Basmati Yellow Cashew Rice, Fish White Curry or Fish Sour Curry, Cashew Curry, Vegetable Chop suey, Fried Kankun, Brinjal Moju, Papadum, Meat stews and Green peas. Watalappan, Cream Caramel, ice-cream is among the widely eaten desserts.

Alcohol and Spirits

Wine and Whiskey is expensive in Sri Lanka. Lion is Sri Lanka’s Local Beer Brand owned by Carlsberg. Local Spirits like toddy (fermented palm nectar), arrack (distilled palm nectar), and kassipu (moonshine) are easily available at inexpensive prices.


Natural decors are used at Sri Lanka destination weddings. Think about what you love, the colors, the types of flowers for the floral decorations and a nice theme. You can get Blue water lilies, Roses and Orchids for flower decorations. Other decorative artificial structures and wooden furniture are also available. In addition to these you can have traditional Sri Lankan standing lamps and clay oil lamps as decorative items. Talk about this with your wedding planner.

Music and Entertainment

According to Sri Lankan traditions the groom is escorted to the wedding location by drummers and Kandyan dancers in procession and even an elephant is bought nicely dressed for the procession. There will be fire dancers if you want them. Some other entertainment options are Traditional Indian Music Group, Jazz Group, a DJ setup or Sri Lankan Baila & Calypso Bands.


There are numerous wedding photographers and studios available in Sri Lanka, but they are not the best. So, I advise you to bring your own wedding photographers or you can ask your wedding planner to find a good photographer in Sri Lanka. You can get a beautiful wedding album and few wedding clips on the picturesque locations in Sri Lanka.

Makeup Artists

Professional makeup artists can be found all over Colombo. You could also get your own makeup artist, but that will be little expensive. To get the best out of it you can ask your wedding planner for references of local Makeup Artists.

Don’t know what Wedding attire to choose

The wedding dress of a Sri Lankan bride will mostly be the Traditional Kandyan Sari. Unlike the simple Western dresses, a Kandyan bride in her costume will look like an ancient queen with a lavish look. The saree will be worked with gold and silver threads, with beads, pearls and sequins added for an extra glow. If you want it simple the choice is yours, but I can guarantee you will look alluring in this Kandyan Wedding attire.

Western type weddings dresses are recommended in hill country locations due to the hot climate of Sri Lanka. Instead of traditional European or Western wear you can select light silk or cotton dress for ladies and linen or cotton suits for the gentleman. Also, you bring your own material and get it tailor made by a local dress maker to wear on your wedding day.

If you are getting a Wedding Package, what will it include

  • Natural Wedding Arch (specially made marriage podium known as “Poruwa”)
  • Wedding Representative and Master of Ceremonies
  • Traditional coconut lamp decorations in the gardens
  • Authentic Kandyan Dancers & Drummers at Ceremony
  • Jayamangala Gatha (Four Girls Singing Blessings)
  • Registrar to officiate at Ceremony. (Registrar will provide an offering of vows in English.)
  • Handmade Brass Canister to gift the Registrar
  • Official Sri Lankan Marriage Certificate (You can get it in English)
  • Locally arranged tropical flower bouquet
  • Traditional Antique Brass Oil Lamp
  • Bridal Hair Stylist helper
  • Champagne & Fresh Fruit Basket

How will the ceremony take place

The Bride and the Groom will be separately escorted from their hotel rooms to the marriage ceremony in a grand procession with dances performed by traditional Kandyan Dancers and drummers.

Master of Ceremonies will invite the couple on to the Poruwa by blowing of the shell. The couple will exchange vows and a bunch of betel leaves seven times. (This is a tradition that symbolizes the love and bond which will last for many generations.)

The index fingers of the couple will be tied with a gold colored thread and water is poured on it by the Master of Ceremonies from a crafted silver jug. After the couple exchange weddings bands, they feed each other with milk rice and water. Then young girls dressed in the traditional Sri Lankan Saree will sing the Jayamangala Gatha as a blessing. Then the wedded couple is invited to step out of the Poruwa and as the couple steps out, a fresh coconut is dashed to bless them with children and prosperity. Then the couple lights the traditional oil lamp to symbolize light of hope and success. Then wedded couple and witnesses, sign the marriage certificate in the presence of the Registrar of Marriages.

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