The Future of Sports in Post-Conflict Sri Lanka

We Sri Lankans as a nation have faced three decades of bloody terrorism. The impacts upon our society by the conflicts are deep and memorable with brutal consequences. It has been a leach sucking the blood of prosperity and peace. It has influenced badly in every corner of our society and our economy. The sports in Sri Lanka had no strength to escape from the grip of the brutality of the era. Yet in this context at least some sports in Sri Lanka has managed to survive and played a significant part in our culture.

Despite of all the troubles that has been thrown at them some sports like cricket and rugby managed to thrive. While Volleyball being the national sport Sri Lanka Cricket became the most popular sport. Rugby union has also gain huge popularity in recent history. In some part of the word the presence of an island called Sri Lanka is known only because of the fact that we play cricket.

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And these sports have managed to leave a positive perspective of our country in those nations.

So it is important and an essential necessity to keep the spirits of the sports high and secure for the betterment of our country and its image in the world. With the historical win against terrorism Sri Lanka started a new era of peace and prosperity. The strengthened government and economy has become a stable platform for the sports to grow. New sport stadiums have been built and the existing ones stadiums have been repaired and brought up to standards.

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Government has been able to provide better care for sports with the new freedom.

Sport events are getting much more attention in the society. Not only cricket, rugby and other major sports but even sports that are new to us such as surfing, beach volleyball and American football are getting the much needed attention from the authorities. We were able to hold the Asian beach games in our country for the fist time. And also we had courage and will to fight for the commonwealth games which could have benefited immensely for the future of our countries sport. With a positive perspective we can say that the sport in Sri Lanka is heading towards to a better place.

It’s not hard to find enthusiastic school children whom have been exited by the big matches. It’s the love for the game that keeps these children stick to the game. And that’s where the good sportsmen are born. School level sport activities are the base for the fresher’s in the world of sports. So a much needed attention should be given to the school sports in Sri Lanka and luckily we can see positive improvements in the recent past regarding this matter. The supply of new equipment for the schools has been better than it was in past.

The sport ministry has started many projects to bring up new talented children from all over the country and to nurture them to become better and reputed sportsmen. “Every coin has two sides”. Less or more it remain same for this subject as well. With all the good there’s a dark side as well. Here in Sri Lanka there’s no single sector that has managed to slip through the political grip. The attention of the politicians is a much needed necessity when it comes to the development of sport, but the disturbance to the independency of the game by the politicians can cause harmful issues.

Sri Lankan Cricket has faced to such consequences recently. The hunger for the power and money has brought this bitterness to the game. Corruptions have become a common issue in most of the sports. We need to bring up new rules to prevent these things from happening. Then only we can ensure a better tomorrow for the sports in Sri Lanka. We have to take actions to minimize the corruptions. The sport it self only should be benefited from money that has been allocated. Only the pure talent should be recognized in the game not any personal preferences.

And we have to encourage the enthusiasm for the sports in rural areas. We have to seek for the best in those rural areas with the fact that many sport figures in Sri Lanka has originated in those areas. And we need to give them necessary support so that they can perform well in their games. It’s not impossible to fix all these issues. But a better guidance must be needed from the authorities including the precedent. And necessary steps should be taken to eradicate corruptions. Better leaders who can make a positive difference should be appointed. With it the future of the Sri Lankan sports will be ensured.

Updated: Nov 20, 2023
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