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Walt Disney was as great leader
Words • 548
Pages • 3
Try to imagine a world without Disney movies, Disneyland and most importantly Walt Disney. How would our childhood be like? Walter Elias Disney also known as Walt Disney was the founder of the famous Walt Disney Production; He created all of our childhood movies. Do you remember The Three Musketeers? Pinocchio? Snow White and the seven dwarfs? He was an important leader and also a great one. Walt Disney was a great leader because of what he has accomplished and…...
Great LeaderGreat Leaders Of Our CountryWalt Disney
Choosing a Great Leader: Ungku Abdul Aziz
Words • 737
Pages • 3
It was not a quick decision for us to choose the right personality to be discussed in the Leadership Analysis. There are a whole lot of lists that we could choose for in the World’s greatest leader. The list ranging from Mahatma Gandhi, Malcolm X, Donald Trump, Hosni Mubarak, and maybe from a different point of view, Adolph Hitler. From local point of view there is also Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad whom is considered as a world greatest leader as…...
Donald TrumpGreat LeaderGreat Leaders Of Our Country
A Great Leader in Bon Voyage, Mr President
Words • 1184
Pages • 5
Bon Voyage, Mr President is a short story written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. This is a tale of a South American President in exile. Nearing the end of his days, we are given an insight into the life of a man with injured pride, reminiscing the days that went by and so fast, where the President had lost everything he had worked for and knew. Quotes Bon Voyage, Mr. President 'Resting on the silver handle of his cane' This quotation…...
Great LeaderGreat Leaders Of Our CountryPhilosophy
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Tony Fernandes Is A Great Leader
Words • 2826
Pages • 12
Nowadays, AirAsia is the best of the Asian airline companies in its market segment and became profitable almost immediately after Tony Fernandes took it over in spite of the air-travel downturn following the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks. These results can be only explained by the fact that Tony Fernandes is a great leader. First of all, his skills and personal qualities are those of a good leader. He was entirely committed to his business (sometimes with a little humor)…...
AirlineGreat LeaderGreat Leaders Of Our CountryLeadership
Role of Leadership in Great-Man Theory
Words • 1709
Pages • 7
Introduction As I have read about it, a particular interest in my has been raising about the wonderful way many people has utilized their natural abilities as a medium of reunion and leadership. I found a string link between this gifts or skills these men had and their particular behavior in the time they lived. I would like to talk about the special characteristics that had to be present; more specific the building process of a divine individual, a prophet…...
Great Leaders Of Our CountryLeadershipPsychology
Trials And Execution Of Great Leader Rizal
Words • 1005
Pages • 5
November 3, 1896 - Rizal arrived at Manila aboard the Streamer Colon. Rizal was quietly transferred to Fort Santiago. Spanish authorities gather evidences against Rizal while many Filipino patriots who had been recognized at his side were brutally tortured to implicate Rizal. Rizal’s brother, Paciano, was also arrested and brutally tortured but never said anything against his brother *Preliminary Investigation November 20, 1896 - Judge Advocate Colonel Francisco Olive summoned Rizal to appear before him. Rizal was subjected to a…...
Great LeaderGreat Leaders Of Our Country
Simon Sinek – How Great Leaders Inspire Action
Words • 3014
Pages • 13
How do you explain when things do not go as we presume? Or better, how do you explain when others have the ability to accomplish things that appear to defy all of the presumptions? For instance: Why is Apple so innovative? Year after year, after year, after year, they're more innovative than all their competitors. And yet, they're simply a computer system business. They're much like everyone else. They have the same access to the same talent, the exact same…...
Great LeaderGreat Leaders Of Our CountryMarketingOrganizationWright Brothers
Leadership in The Great Debaters
Words • 984
Pages • 4
The Great Debaters, directed by Denzel Washington, is an inspirational movie about a specific debate team overcoming racism in the segregated South. It is based off of the debate team of Wiley College, a small religious black school in East Texas, during the Great Depression in the 1930s. Under the guidance of their coach Melvin Tolson, the team kept prevailing week after week against every single opponent. They started competing with other black schools but eventually worked their way to…...
Great Leaders Of Our CountryLeadershipMentorship
Leadership style of best 5 leaders
Words • 12135
Pages • 49
Give examples of µborn¶ leaders and µmade¶ leaders. Born leader are the ones who have inborn qualities of an leader. Where else in case of made leader it is often an mentor who shapes a leader. Examples of such leader are given below: Born leader: Dhirubhai Ambani, JRD Tata, Bal Thackeray Made leader: K.M.Birla, Anil Ambani, Ratan Tata, I.K.Gujral, The difference is only of degree and no one can be identified as being completely born leader or made leader. Management…...
EntrepreneurshipEthicsGreat Leaders Of Our CountryLeadershipMotivationOrganization
Our Leader Swami Vivekananda
Words • 677
Pages • 3
A man, the towering personality in the history of India, a man who is regarded as Patriotic saint, who has earned the name and fame not only in India but also on other side of sea, a man who created a cyclonic forces among Indian youth to revive the true spirit of Vedanta in the mother land, a man who visualized the freedom of India far before, A man who assured the potential of global leader of India a hundred…...
Great Leaders Of Our CountryLife Of Swami VivekanandaPhilosophy
Cesar Chavez A Great Leader
Words • 381
Pages • 2
Cesar Chavez, union leader and farm worker advocate, was born near Yuma Arizona on March 31, 1927. On March 23, 1993 this great man died in San Luis, Arizona. It is said that his hunger strike contributed to his death. Cesar’s commitment to farm workers was shaped by his own experience in the farm industry and his parent that taught him how imperative it was to help others. As a child, Cesar worked restlessly in his family’s farm. Later the…...
Cesar ChavezGreat LeaderGreat Leaders Of Our Country
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Simon Sinek – How Great Leaders Inspire Action
...Dr. King believed that there are two types of laws in this world: those that are made by a higher authority and those that are made by man. And not until all the laws that are made by man are consistent with the laws that are made by the higher autho...

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