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Philippine Television

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (742 words)
Categories: Television
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Filipinos is very into entertaining shows like game shows, news, comedy shows but Filipinos look forward more to television seryes or the so called teleserye. These shows are somehow similar to Korean dramas and American TV shows but it differs in air time, I mean teleseryes are aired for five times a week with the same time unlike other dramas it’s aired for twice a week. Filipinos are really into Philippine drama especially in primetime but there are also Filipinos who noticed that the stories have the same old plots and clich elements.

Like babies switched at birth, police arrived too ate, having evil step family, people slapping and pulling each other’s hair, and many more.

Teleseryes that have plot archetype and character archetype seems problematic because it’s exaggerated and unrealistic sometimes but there a lot of Filipinos who are entertained by it especially the lower class. Yes, it’s entertaining for people and it’s the reason why the network earns a lot of money from having those same old and clich plots.

But I think it’s not healthy to our future television shows. I believe that Filipinos are creative and can do more than having and making predictable storylines. Examples of plot archetype is the ‘rich vs poor’ the rich girl falls in love with the poor man or vice versa. This kind of plot is popular as a cause of conflict. For example, the teleserye of Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil, Forevermore and Dolce Amore. Another plot archetype is the ‘nawawalang anak’. The child or children were separated to their mother because of an accident and then the other child will grow up to other family without knowing his or her biological mother but the truth is his or her mother is just around him or her. Like the teleserye of Judy Anne’s character in Esperanza. There is also the ‘akala mo patay na plot’ this plot is somewhat predictable especially if the bida is the one who you thought is dead. It is impossible for the bida and kontrabida to die early in series.

There are people who says ‘di yan patay, bida kaya yan’. There is also the ‘kambal plot’, there are teleseryes that have the kambal or triplet plot like Kambal sa Uma, Doble Kara, and Blood sisters. For sure there is one who’s a kind hearted person and the other one is the evil one but in the end they will be in good terms.

Another popular plot is the ‘mistress plot’, the legal wife will fight to death when she discovers that her husband are having an affair with someone else. This type of teleserye offers the slapping and ripping each others hair to establish ownership of the person they love. Another example of the ‘mistress plot’ is the Ika-6 na Utos that was aired in GMA in the afternoon slot.

This show became the talk of the town because of the fight scenes of Emma the legal wife and Georgina the mistress. The way they fight caught viewer’s attention because of the props they used in fighting like water gun, balot, and crabs. It is also common for teleseryes the ‘Kidnapping plot’. Have you seen a teleserye that there’s no kidnapping at all? I actually haven’t watch anything yet. Like what I’ve said this plot is common, the bida or the family of the bida is being kidnapped and sometimes the kontrabida is the one who asked his or her people to kidnap the bida and asked for a huge amount of money. It also included here the violence on television, gun shots and tortures.

With these kinds of plot, I don’t think Philippine television dramas will not be successful in the future because there are many teenagers now including me who’s not in favor of these tv drama archetype. What I mean is in the next coming years if teleserye archetype are still hype, the viewers can be possibly decrease because of the teenagers who s not into teleseryes because of the clichГ© plots. Television archetypes has a cultivation effect. It has an effect on the viewers, what people see on television is what they have experience in life and this is what we call resonance. Television archetype has also an effect called mean world syndrome. Heavy viewers are more fearful about our environment because of the clichГ© crime and violent scenes they watched in television like kidnapping, tortures, and gun shots on streets.

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