The Advantage and Disadvantage of Using Cell phone for Kids

Do you know where your kids are? For many parents the answer is a resounding yes; they always know where their kids are. Cell phones have changed family life in many ways. They provide parents with peace of mind, and they’re great in emergencies. But cellphones also have some disadvantages,such as kids use cellphone to do lots things without parents’ knowledge and cellphone offers oppotunities for underisable behaviour. Childern who have a cellphone will make their parent feel safe with their kids’ condition.

Family members can always reach each other. Cell phones are also convenient and time-saving. Kids can let parents know where they are, when they need to be picked up, when they’ll be late, and just generally what’s happening. Parents can let children know if their plans change, whether they’ll be late, and where to meet. In many ways, cell phones make life easier and safer. As with many technological innovations, there are some possible negative aspects of cell phones that parents should be aware of.

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Cell phones are not just for talking. As the technology becomes more and more sophisticated, kids can use cell phones to do lots of other things without their parents’ knowledge. With some phones kids can take pictures, text message or surf the Web for videos and games. They can also download pictures, videos, and music. Cell phones allow kids to keep their contacts secret and can facilitate contact with bad influences. Cell phones offer opportunities for undesirable behavior, such as cheating on tests or teen dating abuse.

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Teens have reported that they have been called names, harassed, put down by their partner, or asked to engage in sex through cell phones and texting. They have also reported that boyfriends/girlfriends sharing private or embarrassing pictures/videos on cell phones and computers is a serious problem Cell phones have become a status symbol, and even young children are clamoring for them. The decision to give a child a cell phone should depend not only on need but also on whether or not s/he can be responsible for taking care of it. Children have been known to lose the hone, bury it in a backpack, forget to turn it on, lend it to a friend, etc.

I think the parent should Monitor their children’s use of all technological devices. Take precautions with the children’s use of cell phones. Text messaging enables children and adolescents to be in touch with and to make plans with people without parental knowledge. Know your children’s cell phone contact list. Be specific about cell phone use and set up specific rules about how and when the phone will be used. Set a limit on how much time children can use each month and how many text messages they can send and receive.

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The Advantage and Disadvantage of Using Cell phone for Kids

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