Should Cell Phones Be Allowed in Schools?

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Should Cell Phones Be Allowed in Schools?

Ring, ring, buzz, buzz! This should not be the sound of a classroom with students who have a long future ahead of them. Cell phones are a necessity that many teenagers say they cannot live without. Phones are used for text messaging, taking pictures, and calling friends and families, but are not required for school. It is a distraction and disruption for students and teachers, as well as the cause of other problems. The best way to receive a quality education is to prohibit the use of cell phones in school.

To emphasize, cell phones can disrupt classes with their ringing and vibrating. It is difficult for one to focus when a phone is attempting to alert its owner. Paying more attention to a cell phone than a teacher can cause students to miss important information. Also, cell phones may carry inappropriate pictures, or texts that may interrupt class when students share them. Some pictures may be disrespectful to other students.

It is important to note that the use cell phones can be used as cheating devices during exams at school. On a test, cheating may support one’s grade, but it doesn’t help his or her learning. Cheating can ruin one’s reputation at school too. The student may have to suffer a consequence such as a suspension or an expulsion. If a student chests, it will not help him or her later in life. The student could possibly not go to college because of their poor education caused by cheating on tests and not focusing in classes.

Many students may contravene that cell phones are useful in case of an emergency, but that is completely false. Even with a cell phone, the student could miss an important call. Therefore, it defeats the purpose of needing a cell phone. Many schools have efficient ways to help guardians contact their progeny or vice versa, if there is an emergency. In addition, there is no use for a cell phone because the parents or guardians still have to come to school to sign their child out.

To conclude, a good education can be received if there are no distractions like cell phone. Cell phones interfere with classes with their ringing and vibrating. They also cause cheating, which will not help students learn. Some students may state that cell phones are useful for emergencies, but schools have many ways to keep parents in contact with students. Therefore, cell phones should be banned from schools in order to have more well educated students in our future.


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