Should Phones Be Allowed in School Essay

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Should Phones Be Allowed in School

A recently debated subject is the question whether mobile phones should be allowed in schools. Yet, the reality is that it is hard to enforce a phone ban. Pupils will bring their mobile phones with them, despite the fact that they are allowed or banned. Besides that, most of the parents support the mobile phones in school, so they can reach their kids in case of emergency. Today’s mobile phones offer so many new opportunities, that it is not necessary to ban them. So schools should support the usage of mobile phones in school rather than avert them.

One of the advantages of having a mobile-phone in class is that people can easily reach other persons. The mobile-phone improves the social relationships of the students, not only with their friends but also with their teachers. If a student has personal problems, for example at home, they can call their mentor. The mentor could help the student with finding a solution, or inform other teachers. In this way the relationship between teachers and students improves immediately. In addition, parents can reach and contact their children in case of an emergency, and vice versa.

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If a child is in an emergency inside school, they can reach the authorities or a medical provider. Apart from that, parents can be in touch with their children. Most of the parents use the phone to monitor their child’s location. This creates a previous unavailable convenience. The mobile phones can also activate the pupils to do their homework and update them about tests. When a student is not at school, whatever the reason is, they can just send their classmates a message to ask about the lectures of that day. There are many applications for smartphones to improve the study of children.

There are dictionaries, games and other applications which can help the pupils with studying. Furthermore the mobile phone also offers an agenda, so it is unnecessary to buy one, which will save parents money. Nevertheless, having mobile phones in school doesn’t mean the students should use them all the time. First of all the mobile phone should be on silence. Furthermore, if the teacher doesn’t give approval to use your phone in class, then students shouldn’t use them. Because when a mobile phone is allowed all the time, the students will probably not pay attention to the lecture itself, which could result in lower grades.

Teachers can allow phones when the students need to make exercises, or read a text. So the students can be active in class instead of talking or distracting other students. The mobile phone in class should be helpful and not rude. One can say that mobile phones in school are supportive. They have many benefits; students can contact other persons. Not only in case of an emergency, but also for school about the homework and tests. Mobile phones can motivate students to study through applications, dictionaries and games.

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