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Landlines vs Cell Phones

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Essay, Pages 5 (1031 words)



Essay, Pages 5 (1031 words)

The global community is dependent on efficient communication in order to function in daily life. Through modern day technology the telephone has evolved immensely. Landlines and cell phones are both efficient ways of communication, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Power supply methods vary greatly between cell phones and land lines. Landlines are able to function when the power goes out and are a reliable steadfast form of communication. In contrast, a cell phone will only last without a power supply until the battery dies.

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Both forms, however; are ultimately dependent on the main electrical grid to supply them with power. Despite varying degrees of power dependence, both methods of communication maintain popularity among the masses. The decision to own a cell phone, land line, or both, is determined based on what each device can offer a consumer. The older generation seems to prefer having a landline over a cell phone. Land lines offer larger numbers on their keypads, which is more convenient for the elderly who typically have deteriorating eyesight.

Furthermore, landlines are a more straightforward means of communication. It serves only the purpose to call people, whereas cell phones tend to have extra applications, such as internet access that target a younger generation. Just as the elderly are attracted to land lines for their simplicity, today’s youth find cellular devices more appealing. While land lines and cell phones appeal to different target audiences, both are more convenient then using a tin can and string. The portability of landlines and cell phones is another aspect of convenience that should be taken into consideration.

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Landlines are set at a fixed point and cannot range far from their general location. Cell phones, however, have a range within the confines of their network provider, which may encompass an entire continent. Although a cell phone has a wider range, a landline can also be featured as cordless, which allows the user more freedom of range. The price of cell phone and landline service seems to increase in accordance with their range. Having a landline and cell phone can be an added expense, which explains why a vast majority of the population have one or the other.

There appears to be a large generational difference in which type of phone people choose. This could be due to the cost difference in the type of phone or the simplicity difference between modern technology and what some generations are accustom to using. Companies such as Comcast are offering voice services for around $29. 99 a month, a much cheaper rate than what most cell phone companies can offer, ranging from anywhere between $40. 00- $90. 00 a month. This is a large price difference, but the capabilities of a cell phone are much more sophisticated than a landline.

With a cell phone you are paying for voice services, text messaging and internet services; with a landline you are paying for local and long distance calling. Cell phones can have additional, unplanned added expenses. Most cell phone companies require a two year contract giving the potential to have an added cost if you need to shut off your phone, known as a cancelation fee. When a consumer signs a two year contract they are agreeing to use a certain amount of minutes and gigabytes, if you go over the allocated minutes or gigabytes the phone carrier will charge costly additional fees.

Cell phones run off of towers which gives the opportunity for roaming to occur and for an unforeseen charge to show up on your monthly bill. This could easily happen in the northern part of Vermont where Canadian towers can be used for reception and international rates can be charged. Landlines are cheaper to replace than a cell phone, although if insurance is purchased for a cell phone replacing the cell phone could be cheaper. Both landlines and cell phones help keep social circles intact.

Not all families and/or friends live close, having phones allow people to communicate even when they are far apart. Both cell phones and landlines can make communication harder because they are unable to read an individual’s body language or facial expressions, which can cause misunderstandings. A positive to having a cell phone is that you can use Skype or FaceTime to communicate and you do have the opportunity to read body language. Cell phones do have a down fall with reading body language as well.

There are a lot of people who communicate through text messaging and then the user is not only unable to read body language, but cannot hear things such as sarcasm in the voice, leaving landlines as a better means for preventing miscommunications. The versatility of the landline is much less than the cell phone. Because landlines are less complicated then cell phones, they are easier to use. A cell phone permits the user to send text messages when he/she is in a public area and cannot talk or needs to say something that is private.

Though landlines were used once to dial into the Internet from a home computer and took forever, including the annoying buzzing sound, with one touch on a cell phone, there is immediate access to the Internet and no reason to be annoyed. The global community depends greatly on communication, therefore cell phones and landlines are devices that are in high demand. Being able to communicate with other people is important. Cell phones and landlines Differences Telephones have been around for a long time, and with modern technology, the way people communicate has improved.

Unfortunately, landlines and cell phones have decreased face to face interaction, though increased communication. Both landlines and cell phones have played a positive and negative role in society. Landlines might be facing extinction, but for now seem to still have many benefits. Cell phones definitely are improved on a regular basis, but have a few set back, like how fragile they are. Phones have been around for a long time, for its very important for people to be able to communicate all over the world. Without landlines or cell phones people would have to travel far distances to talk to one another, and who wants to do that?

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