Impact of Internet Usage on Academic Performance of the Student

Correlation and regression techniques were used to find out the strength and direction of the relationship. Findings – Internet is one of the beneficial tools in this era of IT world not only for business but for academic point of view and enhances the skills and capabilities of students which assist them in studies and in professional life. Student with high CGPA use more internet for their studies and gain more knowledge and information across the world. Research limitations/implications – The self-report criteria are a limitation.

Future research should employ more objective measures of internet use. Also, antecedents of internet use might be explored in other developing economies. I have chosen limited universities and disciplines from a single city Lahore. Practical implications – To encourage internet usage intentions, it appears worthwhile to create in potential users a sense that the technology is useful, easy to use, and that others have expectations regarding its usage. Keywords: Information Technology (IT), Internet, Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) Introduction

Throughout the world, information and communications technologies (ICTs) are changing the face of education.

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It has been argued that the transformation of education may be the most important of the many practical revolutions sparked by computer technology. Just as computers are about to replace books (some would argue this has already happened) as our main source of information globally, computers will come to occupy the central position in education once occupied by books. The Internet was initially developed by the US Defense Department and was at one time only popular within the research community.

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Its ability to share information across organizations and to interact with people at low cost has gradually enticed other sectors to explore its use. Today, the Internet has an impact on every facet of our life including business operation, education, communication, entertainment, social activity, shopping, and so on. Many universities around the world are expanding their investment in information technology (IT), and specifically the Internet, and are actively promoting Internet use. From a student’s perspective, learning using online tools is multidimensional.

It may entail a multitude of variables such as prior student knowledge of IT, experience in its usage, perceptions of IT usage, computer competencies, and background demographics. The Internet is one of the greatest recent advancement in the world of information technology and has become a useful instrument that has fostered the process of making the world a global village. The Internet provides several opportunities for the academia. It is a mechanism for information dissemination and a medium for collaborative interaction between individuals and their computers without regard for geographic limitation of space.

The word Internet is derived from two words: “international” and “network”. The Internet therefore can be defined as an international computer network of information available to the public through modem links so internet is a worldwide system of linked computers networks. The Internet is the world’s largest and most widely used network. It is an international network of networks that is a collection of hundreds of thousands of private and public networks all over the world. There are rich and varied learning experiences available on the Internet that would have been inconceivable just a short while ago.

The Internet has a range of capabilities that organizations are using to exchange information internally or to communicate externally with other organizations. The primary infrastructure for e-commerce, e-banking, e-business, e-learning and virtual library is provided by the Internet technology. The Internet provides several opportunities for all academia, business organizations, the employed and the unemployed, the young and the old. The Internet is a ‘live’ constantly ‘moving’, theoretically borderless, potentially infinite space for the production and circulation of information.

The Internet might thus be described as a ‘sea of information’, containing texts which are not housed between library and bookshop walls and subject areas span across all fields of knowledge. The Internet can be used for other things besides email. One can listen to international radio station on research and education on the Internet, read national dailies of other countries, speaks to friends around the global, read books and other materials on the Internet. The list of things that can be done on the Internet is a very long one.

The Internet contains more information than the world’s largest libraries with access to the Internet one can retrieve information from the world’s largest information database. Objectives of study A study of different disciplines was conducted to identify the intensity of internet usage by student who belongs to different disciples. The purpose of my studies is to evaluate weather is their any relationship between the usage of internet and students academics performance. To better understand the relationship how the Internet affects university students learning, the following questions should be answered.

What are the benefits of using the Internet as part of a university education? What are the main factors affecting such use? What is the impact of such use on student learning? What does it take to encourage positive attitudes in students toward Internet use? This study tries to answer these questions by exploring the antecedents to, and the impacts of, Internet use in university education. The specific objectives were to: •Identify attitude of students toward IT. •

Determine the purpose of internet usage for students. •Find out the intensity of internet usage by students. Evaluate that whether the use of internet improve the academic performance of students or not. Significance of study This study could be beneficial for student as well as for institutions. The valuable feedback from 500 students should help student to realize the benefits of internet in their education. Institutes can invest more in internet facilities to enhance the performance of their students and produce better results. Based on Pakistan’s experience, international readers may take advantage from this study work. Literature review Advancement in technology brings major impacts on education.

Updated: Jul 20, 2021
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