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Not all people are given the chance to have a quality education especially in the Philippines because it is now complicated. That’s why having the chance to study and choosing the course should not be compared to something like for an example buying a dress for a special occasion and when realization comes into your mind that you don’t want it, you’ll return it or maybe get your money back. No, this isn’t right, because in college life, you have to treat every second as an important detail of your life.

You should not waste every moment in it. So choosing the course which you think fits your capabilities is very important.

Studying a specific course in college is not only about paying the fees rather the most important things here are the time and effort spent. Money, time and effort are the most precious things in one’s life and once it is used or spent, it’s hard to gain again or worst you may never have it at all.

So the time these are wasted for nothing, for sure the blame for this mistake will be felt truly.

When looking at the profile of those students who are working and at the same time is studying, you would notice that they never dare wasting their time. For them, every second counts. Make an observation and you will find out that almost all of the working students are working too hard to finish
their studies. For them, wasting their effort, time and money is such a big mistake.


Student jobs have become a sort of trend among students around the world, who want to work while they are studying. In short, the term that suits this trend is ‘Earn and Learn’ policy. Other reason why student jobs are popular among students is they help to cope up with the constant increase in tuition fees, and a way to afford further educations. The problem has been developed with the question as to how the corresponding workloads and required working hours of working students affect their academic performance at Polytechnic University of the Philippines. As a researcher, the main purpose of the study is to know the factors that affect the academic performance of working students. In addition, this paper aims to provide encouragement and motivation to all students especially those who are financially distressed to pursue and finish a college degree in order to be competitive in the future and be able to realize their goals and aspirations. It may also provide learning experiences and information to other students who are not working. In order to accomplish our objectives, we adopted several methodologies in obtaining data and information such as conducting surveys by providing questionnaires to our subjects, getting information in the internet and conducting interviews personally and honestly with our target subjects to get assurance that our data, information and values gathered were correct and accurate.


These studies will be beneficial to the following:
The Students. Because of this study, the students will be able to know the profile of the working students and they will realize the truth about what they are going through. By this process, the working students will serve as inspirations to their fellow students especially to those who are almost losing their hopes and eagerness to pursue their studies.

The Mentors. This study also helps the teachers to be able to easily notice those students who were really dedicated to their studies and who were not
wasting their time and money on their universities. These will also give them enough knowledge on what the working students are going through when they are studying while working. They also know those students who deserved to be given considerations.

The Parents. By this study, the parents will be able to know the advantage of working while studying. And because of these, they will also realize the reason why working students are doing such, especially if their sons or daughters are one of those students who are already working or planning to have a job while studying.

To the Future Researchers. This study will help them as guide in conducting their own research.


The objective of studying this matter is to know the profile of the working students and the implication on the class standing. Specifically, they need to answer these following questions: 1. What was the working students are going through while they are studying and at the same time working? 2. What are the statuses of the working students when it comes to their grades and their participation in class?


This research is concerned on the profile of the working students based from their academic standing. This covers the engineering students of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. The profile of the working students will be distinguished by the aid of the questionnaires prepared by the researcher. In this research we can clearly notice the academic standing of the working students definitely by the help of the surveys conducted by the researcher.

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