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Internet of Things has been increasing its usage and recognition in vast
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Internet of Things has been increasing its usage and recognition in vast sectors likedefence, Business, Industries, Hospitals. The data disruption is Strictly unacceptable ina number of these sectors because it could end up in serious Loss or Damages to theentire system. As of now, IOT is using a central cloud storage system for informationstorage and transactions. however, some examples already veri ed that Central cloudstorage information might be hacked and changed by the specialists. But Blockchain isimmutable and synced over…...
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Impact of Internet Usage on Academic Performance of the Student
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Pages • 4
Correlation and regression techniques were used to find out the strength and direction of the relationship. Findings – Internet is one of the beneficial tools in this era of IT world not only for business but for academic point of view and enhances the skills and capabilities of students which assist them in studies and in professional life. Student with high CGPA use more internet for their studies and gain more knowledge and information across the world. Research limitations/implications –…...
EducationInternetTechnologyUsage Of Internet
Usage of Php Login Script in Internet
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Pages • 2
I wanted to include the popular "Remember Me" feature seen on a lot of websites that basically keeps users logged into the website, even after they've closed the browser so that the next time they come, they won't have to login again manually. I found this tutorial Creating a PHP Login Script to be very helpful in writing this script, in fact, a lot of the code presented here is very similar to the code presented in that tutorial. The…...
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Should Manager Monitor Emplee Email and Internet Usage
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1. Should manager monitor employee email and internet usage? Why and why not? 2. Describe an effective email and web usage policy for a company? 3. Chapter 7: Monitoring Employees in Networks: Unethical or Good Business? 4. 1. Should managers monitor employee email and internet usage? Why or why not? Yes, I do think they should monitor employee email or internet usage because it can impact the company’s success. Many employees take advantage of the internet accessibility at work and…...
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Should Employers Monitor Internet Usage?
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Pages • 3
The twenty-first century is in full swing and technology changes almost daily. This increase in technology, however, is a double-edged sword for many employers. New computer and internet capabilities allow for faster production, more efficient order processing, online banking, computerized record keeping and even allows employees to work from virtually anywhere with smart phones, mobile hot spots, and wireless internet. At the same time, new ways of working require employees to have computers and internet access at work. Now employers…...
EmploymentInternetUsage Of Internet
TCP/IP LAN Checkpoint Questions
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Pages • 4
1. An IPv6 address is made up of how many bits? An IPv6 address is made up of 128 bits. 2. The subnet mask of an IP address does which of the following? The subnet mask defines network and host portions of an IP address. 3. If a protocol is routable, which TCP/IP layer does it operate at? A routable protocol operates at the Internetwork layer of TCP/IP. 4. Which of the following is a private IP address and can’t…...
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