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The Internet revolution
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"The economics of info in the 1990s completely altered the conventional direct supply chain of sources, makes, suppliers, sellers, and clients ... by means of the Web" (Pyne 2000, p1). With the introduction of the web over the previous fifteen years, the supply chains for e-retailers have developed in a comparable style to the commercial transformation. Unlike traditional physical merchants, e-retailers provide chains include the front-end interaction, the consumers themselves (Cucuzza and Cherian, 2001). Therefore, it is essential that e-retailers…...
EconomyInternetInternet RevolutionManagementMarketingOnline shopping
Marketing of Cisco Systems
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How have Cisco's channels evolved in the last 10 - 15 years? Why have they evolved that way? What does the future look like? Cisco is the leader in the switches and router market. Cisco was described as a classic start-up fairy tale. Indirect sales and distribution through resellers was responsible for the small percentage of products delivered in the early 1990s. Cisco model was praised as a successful indirect sales and channel strategy. In 1995, Chambers (CEO) took the…...
BusinessInternet RevolutionMarketing
The Use of the Internet among Youth
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In their research article, Chan and Fang (2007) present the results of their analysis of the Internet use among Hong Kong youth. Given the rapid spreading of Internet technologies, it is natural that the Internet as a new kind of mass media produces irreversible impacts on youth’s social perceptions. Researchers used a set of surveys and questionnaires to analyze the ways in which youth preferred to use Internet, as well as the needs which young people sought to satisfy with…...
Impact Of Internet On YouthIncreasing Use Of InternetInformationInternetInternet RevolutionResearch
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Internet Revolution and Information Superhighway
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While the information super highway has had an effect on society, all is not positive and toward a goal of the growth to society. Corporations may experience a growth in profits by selling goods via Internet and increase these profits by the reduction in work force. This reduction in workforce, however, reduces the quantity of available purchasers, having a negative economic effect on society. In addition to the negative economic effect society as a whole is about to suffer immeasurable…...
InformationInternetInternet RevolutionSalesShopping
The Internet has revolutionized modern society
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The Internet has revolutionized modern society like no other phenomenon before it. To date, its effects are felt in all sectors of modern economy. With the internet, search engines like Google allows students to spend less than seconds to find the relevant information rather than spend hours in the library researching on the topic. In total the Internet has not only increased the amount of learning possibilities outside the classroom but it has created infinite amounts of learning opportunities for…...
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