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Why should I study Mechanical Engineering?
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Through my undergraduate degree, I have learned that mechanical engineering is more than just construction. I have come to appreciate the dynamics of complex systems, control systems, and robotic systems. This is why I want to pursue a Masters's degree in Mechanical engineering at Syracuse University to widen my scope and understand these systems better. During my last year in High school, I was confused about what to study at the undergraduate level. Although I had my eyes set on…...
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Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering
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Pages • 6
Engineering is a diverse field, where knowledge and gain experience is not sufficient in a given time. Unlike other streams, Mechanical engineering plays a critical role in designing and manufacturing technologies. To turn an idea into something concrete, a mechanical engineer uses creative design and analytical expertise. Acquiring knowledge and learning new skills every day is the ultimate goal of my life. To sustain to day to day challenges there is a need to update with knowledge and skills. As…...
EducationEngineeringMechanical EngineeringScienceTechnology
The Future of Mechanical Engineering
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Pages • 5
The persistent advances in the field of Mechanical Engineering have opened growth opportunities in new dimensions. I want to be a part of this innovative field, which is evolving for the better tomorrow. One will need to have an in-depth practical, theoretical, and scientific understanding to rise in the extensive workshop of the future. To do this, I have to equip myself with knowledge, which a graduate program can fulfill. I envision your university as the right path to pursue…...
EngineeringFutureMechanical EngineeringScience And TechnologyTechnology
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The Role of Physics in Golf
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Pages • 10
Physics plays an important role in the way athletes can perform; this can be seen through types of factors that influence sport performance. In golf, these factors may influence the shape of the golf clubs and how they’re made, as well as the shape and manufacturing of the golf ball. The intent in this report is to highlights certain aspects of physics that, to a great extent, influence sport performance. This will be demonstrated by in-depth analysis through the manufacturing…...
FrictionGolfMechanical EngineeringPhysics
What is Golf Club?
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Pages • 4
Introduction Golf club is an item used to hit a golf ball during the golf game. In early 17th until 19th century, the golf club manufacturing in Great Britain are depends on the local materials based on the manufactures area for example hardwoods. During the 19th century, hickory is selected as shaft materials because of the mechanical properties which is high modulus, durability, low density and others. Late of 19th century, metallic alloys are introduced as latest materials for the…...
ChemistryConstructionGolfMaterialsMechanical Engineering
Kinetic energy
Words • 1660
Pages • 7
Introduction Originally Gravitational potential energy (mph) is stored in a ball before its released. as the ball falls and the speed increases The potential energy of the moving ball is changed to kinetic energy (1/2mv2) then it looses all the potential energy as soon as is touches the floor. If there is no energy loss the energy (I. e. P. E and K. E) remains the same The ball deforms and slows down as it touches the ground. Here the…...
ChemistryEnergyMechanical EngineeringNaturePhysicsWater
The distance travelled by the margarine tub
Words • 911
Pages • 4
These averages will be used to plot a line on a graph. I am predicting that my line on the graph should look something like this: Detailed method In this investigation, there will be variables that I will have to change and ones that are to be kept the same throughout. There are 6 variables that are likely to effect the investigation, these are; the force applied by the hand on the elastic band, the surface area of the base…...
ExperimentFrictionMathMechanical EngineeringPhysics
Advancing Physics Coursework
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Pages • 5
The Theory of Gravity has been transformed through the last century, from an original and important classical framework to more recent relativistic and then quantum interpretations, eventually culminating in a specific requirement to link it all together with the other forces and create a unified theory of everything. The search for unification is currently very much dependent upon experimentation and raises questions as to the scientific validity of String Theory and whether it exists as science or philosophy - or…...
GravityMechanical EngineeringPhysicsScienceScientific method
Young’s modulus of Nylon
Words • 2294
Pages • 10
If all three of these experiments were to be perfect then the final Young's Modulus value would be the same in each, so this will be a good test of how much my investigation has suffered from error when I examine the range in the three values. N. B In my actual practical experiments, I have decided to measure Engineering Stress, as opposed to True Stress. As Engineering Stress does not take into account cross-sectional area changes, this will prevent…...
ExperimentMaterialsMechanical EngineeringPhysics
Young modulus case study
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Pages • 3
In this assessment, I am going 'to explore the properties of fishing line which are considered by manufacturers when designing them. '1 Investigation I am going to be concentrating on the types of fishing line used. I am going to measure the Young's Modulus of each line to determine their tensile strength and resistance to stretching. In order to do this, I am going to perform an experiment that will measure the YM of each line. How does it relate…...
Banyan TreeCase StudyMaterialsMechanical EngineeringPhysics
The young’s modulus
Words • 736
Pages • 3
I feel the best way to reach accurate results is to use a vernier scale approach, a laboratory method for measuring the stress and strain in a long, thin copper wire. I have to control the temperature or make sure that the room temperature remains constant. The Young's Modulus for a particular material is the same, so each diameter of wire should give us the same value for Young's Modulus. Apparatus: Diagram (fig. 3) Results table: Diameter of wire, (d) 2.…...
ChemistryMaterialsMechanical EngineeringPhysicsThe Turn of The Screw
The Self Balancing Robot Computer Science Essay
Words • 4672
Pages • 19
This concluding twelvemonth undertaking has been designed for equilibrating the automaton in to two wheels to accomplish the research mark ; it has been looked up the antecedently designed automatons on a reconciliation engineering which based on wheels. It was necessary to analyze the methodological analysis of equilibrating automatons and how they work.A concluding design was so laid out with determination on building stuffs and power beginnings. CAD drawings, ORCAD 9.0, C++ , microcontroller, MPLAB compiler IC combustion package 's…...
Computer Science For ProgressEngineeringMechanical EngineeringPhysicsRobot
The Physics of Sailing
Words • 2312
Pages • 10
Sailing is a skill and an art which requires much time, practice and understanding to master. One may not understand the physics behind driving a car, however one can understand the basic principals behind using a car: press on the accelerator and the car will go faster; press on the breaks and the car will stop; turn the steering wheel left and the car will turn left. The same mentality applies in sailing, although in order to understand the physics…...
BoatsMechanical EngineeringPhysicsPressureWater TransportWind
The kinetic friction
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Pages • 2
1. The roughness of the surface of the objects and the plane/track used in the experiment should be in even condition. Meaning the experimenter should check the roughness by touching the surfaces. For instance, in this experiment, a piece of sand paper is wrapped to the wooden block (to investigate the coefficient of the sand paper surface due to the plane surface which is wood). The sand paper should be the one that has not been used before. This is…...
FrictionMechanical EngineeringPhysics
Requirements of Alloy Steel Pipes in Manufacturing Industry
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Pages • 2
Alloy steel pipe is mostly preferred in any construction process. Its properties help a lot in delivering piping needs in various conditions. It is the product of alloy steel used for various industrial, manufacturing functions for their advanced quality. They need to be designed specifically according to needs and the requirements of the industries. As this pipe is designed for industrial purposes there would obviously be transfer of liquids and gases through the pipes. Therefore, they need to be designed…...
IndustryManufacturingMaterialsMechanical EngineeringTechnologyWelding
Physics Investigation into the bending of a Cantilever
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Pages • 9
==> Although safety in this investigation is not a paramount concern, one should still be careful as rulers can cause eye injuries and damage breakable equipment in the lab. Introduction ==> This is an investigation into the bending of a cantilever, conducted by changing a variable effecting the deflection of the cantilever when clamped to a table. I have chosen to change the deflecting force, and investigate how a change in this will effect the deflection of the cantilever gradually…...
Mechanical EngineeringPhysicsTheory
Phase Diagram Laboratory
Words • 934
Pages • 4
The aim of this laboratory session is obtain cooling curves for lead-tin alloys at various compositions. By plotting the decrease in temperature against time, as the liquid alloy cools, on a graph we can spot plateaus and changes in gradient. The phase diagram in the handout tells us roughly where to look for plateaus and changes in gradient. These represent the temperatures at which the alloy changes phase. This is because as an alloy changes phase energy is released in…...
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Period of a loaded Cantilever
Words • 961
Pages • 4
1. Set up apparatus as shown in the graph. Make sure that the meter stick is attached stably to the stand and the meter stick measuring the amplitude is attached vertically on the ground for higher accuracy of measurement. 2. Lay a mass of 50g at the end of the meter stick and stable it with plastic tapes. 3. Pull the end of the meter stick downwards with one finger with amplitude of 8 cm, measured by a meter stick. The oscillation…...
Mechanical EngineeringPeriod
Mountain Bikes Research
Words • 4870
Pages • 20
Survey of different mountain bikes on the market and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Mountain Bikes It has been a decade in the making, but the mountain bike has become a passion for many people. Along with this passion it has also become the most environmental way to get from point A to B. It has gone through a very intense evolution process over the past decade. It all started with some guys from California who took their bikes…...
BicyclesMechanical EngineeringResearchVehicles
Manufacturer and Exporter of Brass Fitting Components and Brass Electrical Parts.
Words • 161
Pages • 1
Manufacturer and supplier of Brass Components to custom specifications, manufactures electrical parts, lock parts, energy meter parts, precision- turned parts, rivets, screw nut and bolts, switch parts, various type of anchors, pins, forged bolts, brass cable glands, brass sanitary parts to precision and international specifications. We are Manufacturer and Exporter of Brass Fittings Components and Brass Eletrical Parts, Brass Fasteners Like Brass Bolts, Brass Anchor, Brass Iserts, Brass Screws, Brass Nuts, Brass Washers. Brass Fittings Componets Like Brass Forged Gas…...
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Kinematic Of Robotic Arms Computer Science Essay
Words • 2614
Pages • 11
Presents, sophisticated and special-purpose machines that are designed to move pre-specified maps are indispensable function to execute most machine-controlled fabrication occupations. Therefore, in many assembly and fabrication maps and undertakings, the computer-controlled operators are used because of the clip salvaging and cost-efficient and complex occupations and industries have applied the industrial automaton as all-purpose operators to execute better for operation in machine and production tools.The survey of kinematic behaviour is concerned with designing and patterning a automaton, and the gesture…...
Computer Science For ProgressGeometryMechanical EngineeringRobot
Investigating a Rolling Ball
Words • 1365
Pages • 6
The aim of this experiment is to determine whether or not energy is conserved when a ball bearing is rolled down a slope. Six weeks of preliminary work have been carried out ensuring that measurements can be taken quickly with the correct instruments needed for the measurement. Previous knowledge of energy conservation says that energy cannot be created or destroyed. What factors need to be controlled or varied in this experiment? In this experiment many factors need to be considered,…...
ExperimentGravityMechanical EngineeringPhysicsScienceSpeed
To investigate how the weight of an object affects the force required to overcome friction
Words • 4727
Pages • 19
Friction, in mechanics, is the resistance to the sliding, rolling, or flowing motion of a body in relation to another body with which it is in contact. In any solid the molecules show internal friction. This form of friction is the force that causes any oscillating object, such as a piano string or a tuning fork, to stop oscillating. Internal friction in liquids and gases is called viscosity. There is also external friction and there are two kinds of this,…...
FrictionMechanical EngineeringMotionNaturePhysicsScience
Investigating the Effect of Varying the Perpendicular Height of a Ramp
Words • 1299
Pages • 6
Prediction of the relationship between the height used and the change horizontal distance travelled by the spherical mass. I believe that height is directly proportional to distance squared. This means that if the height is doubled the distance will quadruple. Explanation of the prediction in scientific terms. The formula to work out distance travelled is simply = average speed/total time, however there are many other formula used in working these two out. First the speed, or velocity must be obtained.…...
GravityMechanical EngineeringPhysicsScienceSpeed
To investigate the behaviour of an elastic material when a tensile force is applied
Words • 1341
Pages • 6
Aim: To investigate the behaviour of an elastic material when a tensile force is applied. What I know: In the 1660s Robert Hooke investigated how springs and wires stretched when loads were applied. He found out that for many materials, the extension and load were in proportion provided the elastic limit was not exceeded. Materials can be compressed as well as stretched. If a material is stretched but springs back to its original shape they are known as elastic. However…...
ChemistryMaterialsMechanical EngineeringPhysicsScienceSpring
Hooke’s Law / Young’s Modulus – trying to find out what factors effect the stretching of a spring
Words • 1745
Pages • 7
I am trying to find out what factors effect the stretching of a spring. Things, which might affect this, are: � Downward force applied to spring. � Spring material. � Length of spring. � No. of coils in spring. � Diameter of spring material. � Cross sectional area of spring. I have chosen to look at the effect of the weight applied, as it is a continuous variation. I predict that the greater the weight applied to the spring, the…...
ChemistryLawMaterialsMechanical EngineeringPhysics
Gas Welding and Brazing
Words • 1573
Pages • 7
Joining in the workshop involves many risks due to the use of high currents, temperatures and flammable gasses. Arc/Mig/Tig Welding During these welding types high currents are being used so it is important to isolate the process from anything that may catch fire or cause the operator any electrical shock (oil, water, rags etc). High intensities of visible and UV light are emitted so it is mandatory that the operator uses a welding mask that protects the user from harmful…...
ChemistryMaterialsMechanical EngineeringSkin CancerWelding
Flywheel Technology
Words • 806
Pages • 4
Abstract Flywheels are often referred to as the modern sources of clean power, and the need of the hour.  These wheels not only allow for cost-efficient means of storing energy, but also have a number of uses in today’s technological world.  From satellites and NASA, to hybrid cars and UPS’s – many technological needs of today are met by the flywheel technology, using simpler materials than before, and expected to show huge savings in the long run. Introduction A flywheel…...
Mechanical EngineeringNaturePhysicsTechnology
Finding the Spring Constant
Words • 1399
Pages • 6
One example of simple harmonic motion is the oscillation of a mass on a spring. The period of oscillation depends on the spring constant of the spring and the mass that is oscillating. The equation for the period, T, where m is the suspended mass, and k is the spring constant is given as We will use this relationship to find the spring constant of the spring and compare it to the spring constant found using Hooke's Law. Referring back…...
Mechanical EngineeringPhysicsSpring
Filtration of incompressible materials
Words • 2082
Pages • 9
Filtration involves the production of a porous bed of particles through which the suspending medium flows. It therefore involves flow through a porous medium whose thickness (and other properties) change with throughput. As particles forming the bed (or cake) are usually small and flow velocities low, the regime is usually streamline. The superficial flow velocity (uc) is therefore well represented by application of the Kozeny's equation:- Where A is the total cross sectional area of the cake V is the…...
ChemistryMaterialsMechanical EngineeringPhysicsPressure
Factors affecting the period of a Baby Bouncer
Words • 812
Pages • 4
Aim My aim is to investigate what factors affect the period of a Baby Bouncer. The factor that I will be varying will be the mass on the end of the spring. Hypothesis Hooke's law occurs in springs. The further you stretch the spring, the greater the force is opposing the stretching. Therefore, the force increases with distance. The equation for Hooke's law is: F= -kx. F is the force applied to stretch or compress the spring, x is the…...
Mechanical EngineeringPeriodPhysics
An Experiment to I nvestigate How Insulation Thickness Effects the Temperature Drop of Water
Words • 1713
Pages • 7
What have you found out? I have concluded from the results that as the layers of insulation are added, increasing the thickness of the insulation the average temperature drops more slowly. Are there any patterns in your results? The average temeperature drop when there has been no layers added and the thickness is zero is the greatest, from then on the average drop declines in relation to the number of layers and thickness increasing. The decline in the average temperature…...
ChemistryExperimentMechanical EngineeringNaturePhysicsWater
Draglines and power shovels
Words • 847
Pages • 4
Draglines and power shovels are the primary forms of excavation equipment. A dragline is fitted with an open scoop supported from the end of a long boom by a wire cable. The scoop is dragged along the ground by the cable until it is filled with earth, which is then dumped elsewhere. Draglines are used primarily to excavate deep holes. Power shovels are fitted with specially designed buckets called clamshells, which dig into the earth and shovel it up. The…...
ConstructionMechanical EngineeringPowerTechnology
Corolaries of 2nd Law of Thermodynamics
Words • 670
Pages • 3
Corollary 1: The clausius statement of second law of thermodynamics is the first corollary i. e. ‘It is impossible to construct a device operating in a closed cycle that performs no effect other than the transfer of heat from a cooler body to a hotter body. ’ The mathematical statement of which is given by; Q1? Q2=W Q1 W Q2 Corollary 2: It is impossible to construct an engine operating between only two heat reservoirs, which will have a higher…...
ChemistryLawMechanical EngineeringPhysicsThermodynamics
Copper young’s modulus
Words • 802
Pages • 4
E is thus a measure of the elastic stiffness of a material. However, when the extension (deformation) of the wire is too large, beyond proportional limit, solid will no longer obey Hooke's law i. e. E is no longer a constant. As the stress further increases, beyond the elastic limit, the wire has a permanent extension that the wire is no longer elastic and it undergoes plastic deformation. The extension increases rapidly as the force on the wire is further…...
ChemistryCopperMaterialsMechanical EngineeringPhysics
Cascade Control
Words • 479
Pages • 2
Cascade control is a powerful extension of conventional 3 Cascade control is a powerful extension of conventional 3-term feed term feed back - control control. It is a strategy which compensates for specific disturbances at source and largely Prevents them from affecting process being controlled. A cascade control scheme has two controllers, the output of the master controller being used to adjust the set point of the slave controller The effect of steam pressure disturbances can be compensated for using…...
ChemistryControlMechanical EngineeringPhysicsTechnologyWater
Aircraft Icing Essay
Words • 1700
Pages • 7
Ice and aircrafts are ne'er a good combination. Ice. which can roll up on any portion of the aircraft. is most unsafe when it accumulates on the wings or similar aerofoils. These frosting brushs cause many human deaths a twelvemonth. human deaths that could be prevented if pilots use the schemes and tactics that are at their disposal to avoid frosting dangers. In flight frost is ever a concern and should be treated with an expedited response. nevertheless. proper turning…...
AviationFlightMechanical EngineeringOtherTransport
Compressive Strength of LWAC
Words • 376
Pages • 2
R.N.F. Carmo et al, studied the influence of the compressive strength of LWAC, longitudinal tensile reinforcement ratio and transversal reinforcement ratio on bending behavior of reinforced LWAC beams, in terms of strength and ductility. Thirteen reinforced LWAC beams, with 3.0 m long and rectangular cross-section (0.12 * 0.27 m^2) were tested until failure, these were designed to fail under bending and not by shear, to avoid shear failure outside the pure bending area transverse stirrups (6 mm distanced 8 cm)…...
ChemistryConstructionMaterialsMechanical EngineeringPhysicsStrengths
Thermo-Mechanical and Electro-Magnetic Field
Words • 813
Pages • 4
Since from the 19th century, the phenomenons of coupling between the thermo-mechanical and the electro-magnetic behavior of materials have been studied. By the middle of the 20th century, the first applications of piezoelectric materials were being found in hydrophones. The concept of electro-magnetic composite materials has been arisen by the last two centuries. Such composites can exhibit field coupling that is not present in any of the monolithic constituent materials. These so called 'Smart' materials and composites have applications in…...
ChemistryMechanical EngineeringPhysicsScienceScience And Technology
Finite Element Analysis of the Effect of rake angle on residual Stress
Words • 970
Pages • 4
Finite Element Analysis of the Effect of rake angle on residual Stress, Strain and Temperature in Orthogonal Cutting Process Abstract - The service life of the parts produced by machining and, in particular as regards its fatigue life are not only related to the surface condition of the part, but also to the residual stress profile induced during machining, which was influenced by the geometrical conditions of the cutting tool. For this reason a 2D finite element simulation of orthogonal…...
ChemistryMaterialsMechanical EngineeringPhysicsStressStress And Its Effects
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FAQ about Mechanical Engineering

Why should I study Mechanical Engineering?
...In my efforts to broaden and improve my knowledge and fully pursue all of my academic passions, I hope to have the privilege of attending your esteemed university and contribute my best to the field of engineering. Thank you for reviewing my applicat...
What is Golf Club?
...As a conclusion, carbon fiber composite can be consider as one of the best materials for manufacturing of golf club due its good mechanical properties. The failure that occurs mostly because of the human error for example poor swing technique and les...
To investigate how the weight of an object affects the force required to overcome friction
...Once this has been found, the coefficient of static friction can be found for wood on this particular surface as well. For dynamic friction, the experiment is carried out in almost the same way with the exception that the block is given a slight push...
To investigate the behaviour of an elastic material when a tensile force is applied
...My prediction was correct. The graph shows that when more weight was added the length of the extension increased. The spring also started to become deformed when the mass gradually increased. The constant was also similar for all the weights. This pr...
Hooke’s Law / Young’s Modulus – trying to find out what factors effect the stretching of a spring
...Further investigations could use Young�s Modulus This was created by Thomas Young and gives a number representing (in pounds per square inch or dynes per square centimetre) the ratio of stress to strain for a wire or bar of a given substance. Ac...
An Experiment to I nvestigate How Insulation Thickness Effects the Temperature Drop of Water
...I could change the material of the can to see if it affects the rate of which heat is transferred and I could also change the insulation properties by using cling fling or cotton wool to see what difference they make to the temperature loss. You coul...

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