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The EWB Challenge & EWB-UK: Global Education for Global Engineers
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Ethics 1) How could you apply these principles to the work you will do for the EWB Challenge? ? Skills and Knowledge-: in the years 2012 and 2013, pre-challenge and post-challenge questionnaires were done by UK and Ireland students. ? Engagement-: as a suggestion, holding interviews with challenging stakeholders was considered as a positive response. ? Operations-: it is not uncommon for students to show resistance towards the realistic aspects of the challenge, which is the cause for lack of…...
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Global Engineering Challenges
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There are global challenges that engineers face in society from ways to lessen our dependence to oil and protect the environment to ways to improve our surroundings and expand our reality and minds. A lot of these challenges will need engineers with vision and passion in order to come up with the solutions needed to improve the world around them. The three global challenges that will be covered in this paper are ways to lessen fuel consumption, how to restore…...
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