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Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering

Categories Mechanical Engineering

Essay, Pages 6 (1384 words)



Essay, Pages 6 (1384 words)

Engineering is a diverse field, where knowledge and gain experience is not sufficient in a given time. Unlike other streams, Mechanical engineering plays a critical role in designing and manufacturing technologies. To turn an idea into something concrete, a mechanical engineer uses creative design and analytical expertise. Acquiring knowledge and learning new skills every day is the ultimate goal of my life. To sustain to day to day challenges there is a need to update with knowledge and skills. As technology is changing daily and bringing new challenges in our day to day life thereby pushing the boundaries increased curiosity for the research aspect of Engineering.

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The undergraduate course not only provided me with strong fundamentals but also inspired me to learn more and motivated me to undertake research-related activities. My longing desire to work at the frontiers of scientific research driven me to pursue a Ph.D. I would like to get involved in research work in this area. The need for exposure to a wider approach to research has made me seek an opportunity to study at your University.

My immediate career objective is a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering followed by a Ph.D. and a research-oriented career in industry.

I was fortunate to have begun with good early education and as I grew my interests and ability were inclined towards Mathematics and Science especially physics. Physics elucidate many mysteries of nature and mathematics helped me as a tool for Science in solving problems. During my schooling, I showed excellence in both Mathematics and Science which fetched me awards at State level and National level Olympiad Exams in Mathematics and Science.

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I completed my secondary examination with a 9.5 GPA, completed my Class 12 scoring 92.9% in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. I was placed among the top 5.5% of 200,000 odd students at a state level entrance examination for undergraduate study. Physics and Mathematics led me curious towards design, exploration, and implementation in real-world applications which driven me to choose Mechanical Engineering as my major in undergraduate. My proactive nature of the ability to recognize the importance of challenges and learning with growing technological advances makes me stand apart.

My undergraduate education has provided in-depth access to the various specialties present in mechanical engineering, thus increasing enthusiasm in advanced research. I have always adopted a rigorous approach to attain an in-depth understanding of the subject at hand. This has provided me a strong theoretical base, which I believe is crucial to my future in science. Throughout my undergraduate years, I have developed a strong background throughout basic engineering courses such as Thermodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics and Turbomachines, Manufacturing Technology, CAD/CAM, Machining processes, Material Science, Mechanics of Machines, Industrial Management, Design of machine elements Theory of machines, Internal Combustion Engines and Machining operations. In addition to core mechanical courses, I was even exposed to the Basics of Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Science. I also had exposure to specialized areas, such as Finite Element Techniques, Solar Energy Utilization, Automobile systems, and Computational Methods. My overall grades in my undergraduate studies have been good and were awarded “First Class with Distinction” with 9.0 CGPA and stood among the top 5% of 4000 odd students in our college.

Due to the increase in the complexity of problems, computers play a crucial role in solving problems and helps in reducing the cost of experimental analysis by simulating in computers. This synergetic nature of computers in design and manufacturing led me to learn various Design software packages like Solidworks, CATIA, Siemens NX 10.0, AutoCAD, Autodesk Fusion 360, PRO-E, Analysis software packages like ANSYS, MSC NASTRAN, and Manufacturing Software packages like CNC Trainer and Siemens Sinumerik NC programming.

Thermal, Fluid Science, Automobile systems, and Solid Mechanics courses have captivated my keen interest during my undergraduate studies. Mechanical Engineering is a stream where we have to expose more to practicality than theoretical approach. For this practical approach, I have done my internship during my junior year at Indian Railways (run by Central Government of India) at Loco Shed where I studied and carried out the overhauling and maintenance of locomotives (under engineers and operators supervision). I also done my internship during my sophomore year at Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited (run by the Central Government of India) which is a steel Plant where I was made to study steel processing, noted the various stages steel is processed under various parameters and how steel bars are manufactured depending on customer requirement at Medium Merchant and Structural steel.

In addition to internships, I made several industrial visits related to Manufacturing, Thermal power plant, and wagon workshop industries for a better understanding of applications. I have done my term paper in my junior year on the analysis and behavior of Visco-elastic Materials and its application in vibration control by using finite element software ANSYS. I have done my minor project using Finite element analysis on Structural Acoustics using a rigid body which focuses on the behavior of structure subjected to varying sound pressures and my major project on the finite element analysis of Composite pressure vessel with a damping material with varying pressures and varying aspect ratios of the pressure vessel using ANSYS.

In addition to my academic studies, I actively participated in technical activities like Technical quizzes conducted by Institute of Engineers India (IEI), Model Exhibition at which I presented a model on Magnetic braking system, attended Workshops on 3D printing, 3D modelling, Robotics, IC engines, Automobile and Advanced Vehicle Dynamics, Water Rocket Competition and also in extra-curricular activities like playing football for the college team. I am an active member of the National Service Scheme (NSS) and contributed to various social service activities. I spent time learning new skills related to programming languages C, C++, Java, and Python. I have also done an online NPTEL certification course on Robotics certified by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur. I secured a 6.5 IELTS overall score. I completed my graduation in the year 2018 and currently working at Tata Consultancy Services as a Developer to get some exposure to the software field which helped me to gain experience in Programming and have supported financially. Though it is a well-paid job we cannot work if we don’t find any satisfaction whether the job is remunerative or not.

As I was inclined more towards the research field so I decided to continue my studies as a Masters in mechanical engineering at your prestigious university. I always dreamt of studying at the top class universities as they have high research value, highly qualified teaching faculty, and state of the art laboratories. These are the reasons for choosing Politecnico di Milano as my destination for a master’s study. I want to utilize all these skills to get the best out of me. Italy has been the pioneer of many inventions and technological advancements in this field especially in the field of automotive and design engineering. Masters in mechanical engineering course provides an individual to emerge as a versatile engineer in all specializations. I would be glad if given research or a teaching assistantship because, in contrast to reducing the financial burden on me, there would be a long way to go in training me for a future in research and teaching.

I look forward to a daunting future in science that may be difficult and demanding at times, but I am assured that, with my honesty and dedication, I will be able to make a meaningful contribution to ongoing research advances, and I am also conscious that research calls for full dedication and commitment, and I will live up to the high standards expected from your university. This inquisitive nature of mine, along with a desire to understand my full potential, is what pushes me to pursue research. I consider myself to be knowledgeable, perceptive, and consistent and open to criticism; qualities that, in my view, are important for group research. I believe that I have the drive, the intellectual capacity and the potential to prepare myself for this thrilling and arduous journey, to do justice to the challenging Graduate Program and to make a significant contribution to the ongoing work of your University. I look forward to joining your University as a Graduate student in your esteemed department.

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