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Fundamentals of Marketing

Advertisements are created to introduce a certain product or service to the public.

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More than introducing it, the main purpose is to sell. The biggest and the most wonderful characteristic of the product or service are emphasized on a certain advertisement. Sometimes, the advertisements give information that is not really true regarding the product or the service. The features are sometimes exaggerated. Those exaggerations were done intentionally to entice the consumers. The people behind an advertisement devote their time and effort to make their advertisement creative and that will surely make a mark on the public’s mind.

Good advertising is an essential element in marketing. The product can sell well if with good exposure and well-advertised. Advertisements can come in many forms– print advertisement, TV and radio advertisements. It may come short, but the important thing is, it should be noticeable and can really entice the consumers. There are many ways to do that. For a product or service that may seem improbable to sell, that product or service can be advertised in a light manner by incorporating a certain situation, for example.

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In that way, the attention can be diverted on the situation and not on the product itself, but at the same time, the product has already been introduced. The people behind an advertising agency should really be creative. They may try to make the ad funny or it can be anything that clings to the emotion of the public. It is important that the ad be sympathetic to the public. Otherwise, they may not want to try the product or service. When advertising, it is also important that the product or service of a certain manufacturer or company will outshine the other’s product and services.

Ads can also heighten the level of competition among companies. One product that has been controversial due to its advertising is the Durex U condoms. In one of its advertisement online, they made a statement, “To all those who use our competitor’s products: Happy Father’s Day. ” At first, people may find it hilarious, but after some time, when they have contemplated on what the ad was trying to say, one can find it genius. It was a very good advertisement to promote their product. Condoms are used to avoid contraception.

It is not one hundred percent guarantee, though, that it will be effective as a contraceptive method. There are cases when condoms fail to avoid contraception. Durex U condom claims that it will never be the case when the couple having sex would be using their product. It only means that Durex U claims to be the best condom in the market. The ad is good and can make people believe that it is effective one hundred percent. But, for people who are quite cynical, they would look for reasons why Durex U condom is highly efficient and why other condoms are not.

Durex U, in that ad, has failed to explain to the consumers why their product is the best in terms of efficiency. It would be better if it is well-explained how they have been the best in the market. The problem is the audience. Of course, because it has been an online ad, younger people could have seen it, without the guidance of their parents. Everyone can have an access on the internet so it means that the audience could be anyone. I think that ads which promotes such products and similar services be regulated to audiences who are educated enough and matured enough to be engaged in such activities.

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