Offensive Advertisement

Some marketers use persuasive advertisements to capture the attention of the customers; however, some marketers use offensive concepts to make publicity and create strong brand awareness. This is what Dolce and Gabanna did in endorsing the products in the market. The magazine advertisement portrays an image of a lady while being raped by a group of men. The controversial advertisement shows a man holding a woman by her wrists which symbolizes domestic violence. While the lady lies on the ground and the man grips her arm, they are being surrounded by topless men.

Apparently, this advertisement portrays violence against women (Walters, 2007).

Obviously, the company wants to promote publicity through this poster advertisement. The company aims to sell the brand name rather than the product itself. Through this kind of advertisement, the society will easily recall the name of the company which would make them buy the product because of its prominence in the market (Bel et al, 2005). This creative poster ad aims to sell the brand and awake the emotion of the people regarding domestic violence.

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Although it portrays aggression, the company has the right to show it to the public to make the customers aware about the rights of women in the society.

Showing offensive images does not mean promoting a certain action to the public, it may serve as the bridge to make the government and the community act to eradicate the root of aggression in the world. It has to be distributed to the market not only to create sales but also to open the eyes of the people about domestic violence.

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The idea that this poster ad became controversial because of its subliminal messages should be taken as a good marketing method because the public easily reacted to the messages that this kind of ad shows to the society.

This advertisement may have negative messages but it only shows that even the apparel company could create an effective publicity to promote the business and bring up the societal problems. The critics may find this advertisement as offensive; however, this would trigger the emotion of the people and make them act against domestic violence. References Bel, B. Brouwer, J. & Das, B. (2005). Media and Meditation. New Delhi: SAGE Walters, C. (2007). Is This Fashion Ad Promoting Gang Rape?. The Consumerist. Retrieved March 19, 2009 from http://consumerist. com/consumer/advertising/is-this-fashion-ad-promoting-gang-rape-313579. php

Updated: Apr 12, 2021
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