Informative Essay About Advertisement and Slogans

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Informative Essay About Advertisement and Slogans

In 1970, the New York Times has published an advertisement for a book with the final rating “It is the Real Thing! ”, a slogan generally used by the Coca-Cola company in presenting their product. This situation arouses the question whether it is infringement or not using this theme for the diary of a Harlem Schoolteacher by Jim Haskins. This essay will contain arguments against the possibility to use this theme. On the one hand there always is a connection between company and its marketing slogans and on the other hand these slogans are important and valuable for companies in brand-building and marketing.

There always is a certain connection between a company or product and its useful slogans. If people think of the sentence “It’s the real thing! ” most of them must think unwillingly of the caffeinated drink Coca-Cola. Advertisements using this slogan have been shown regularly on TV, in magazines, on posters or even on radio for many years, always connected with the Coca-Cola Company. In this way this connection enters the subconscious of many people. It is possible that feelings can be involved with this connection or maybe there are good experiences, which people are sharing when they read or hear this word order.

It’s the Real Thing” has become part of our cultural vocabulary and this is why no other products would better fit to that slogan than Coca-Cola. That connection cannot be broken. As you can see there always will be a connection between a company and its product and their slogans. Slogans and catchphrases are very important and valuable for companies in brand-building and marketing. The reason why companies trademark their creative and catchy sentences is that they can be sure that there will not be another firm, which could use those slogans for its advertisements.

This shows that slogans can play a huge role in selling a product. They represent the product and stand for the work quality of a company and people will refer to slogans. If a company’s product shows quality and simultaneously offers a catchy and creative slogan, there would be automatically a brand-building of that company. Mr. Herbert, an executive of the Coca-Cola company, thinks if the real thing would be used by another company, it “would dilute the distinctiveness of the trade slogan and diminish its effectiveness and value as an advertising and merchandising tool” (Herbert).

He feels it necessary to have the assurance that only the Coca-Cola company has the right to use this signature saying. In the end it becomes clear that slogans are important and valuable for companies in brand-building and marketing. In conclusion, this trademarked slogan cannot be used in advertising another product than drinks of Coca-Cola. Slogans are important in connecting the product with the people and they are also valuable for companies in brand-building and marketing and this is why Groove Press must discontinue the use of “It’s the real thing”.


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