How Does Advertisement Influence People’s Behavior?

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Today’s modern era is a world of advertisement. In every walk of life, there is a huge competition. It has made an advertisement the more important. The loudest you are, the most noticeable you will. Without advertisement, there are a lot of worthy things around our life, become unnoticeable. In my view, advertisement has a great impact on people’s behavior.

In every walk of life, we can find advertisements. Radio, television, newspaper, mobile even when one reading electronic mail, s/he can find an advertisement in his mailbox.

Advertisement creates needs. It can be possible that without seeing advertisements, I do not have that need but after seeing or hearing, I get the urge to purchase that particular thing. For example, I have a mobile. It is working properly but after seeing an advertisement for another mobile with more features, I want that mobile now. Advertisements are the best way to create needs among consumers.

Advertisement is the mirror of our society.

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Advertisers design advertisements according to the characteristics of society. They try to influence consumer behaviors according to their emotions. That’s why they make different advertisements for different age groups or different communities. For example, a kid wear advertisement tries to influence a kid’s behavior on how to wear clothes or which color is better to wear.

Advertisement helps in making life better. It motivates us to work hard so that we can purchase better things. It gives knowledge about new products and motivates us to make it better than previous.

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It is a great source of competition and motivation to invent things better.
The advertisement has a bad impact also. It motivates us towards materialism. We want new things all the time which motivates us to earn more money. We do not have time for each other. I like to do those things from which I can earn more money instead of sitting with friends or family members. To get a luxurious life, I can be motivated to do the wrong things also.

In conclusion, every coin has two faces. In the same way, advertisement motivates us to earn more money. However, it depends on a person, how he earns money. It tries to influence human behavior. Again, it depends on our maturity that what message we should take from advertisements. In my view, advertisement is a great source of knowledge. It motivates us to work hard and make life more pleasant.

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How Does Advertisement Influence People’s Behavior?
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