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Helpful Experience

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (622 words)
Categories: Education, Experience
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I am Varun Kaushik Tamilselvan, currently pursuing my mechanical engineering (7th sem) at Bangalore Institute of Technology (BIT) which is affiliated to Vishveswaraya Institute of technology (VTU), Belgavi. I have always been fascinated by automobiles from a very early age, mainly due to my interests in F1, auto magazines & racing games. Even though I’ve always wanted to be a F1 driver growing up my parents prohibited me from considering that as a career option due to its obvious risks & safety hazards, then I found mechanical engineering to be my only way to satisfy my obsession with automobiles.

I was pretty good at physics and chemistry from a pre-university level as I secured 90% & 96% in my final exams in these subjects respectively, and I had an average of 88% in physics, chemistry, mathematics & computer science combined. This helped me join BIT which is an esteemed institution known for its BAJA and Go karting teams which I was very excited to join.

I’ve chosen Automotive electronics, nontraditional machining, automotive engineering, total quality management, smart materials and mechatronics as my electives in my 5th, 6th & 7th semester elective subjects respectively. To be very honest I was disappointed by the lack of detailed study of practical applications related to automobiles during my 4-year course at my under graduation, now I would like to join a graduate program specialized in automobile engineering to appease my passion for automobiles.

Since joining this institution I’ve been a part of Team Kratos (Go karting team) we’ve participated in the Auto-India-Racing-championship (Pune) where the team came 4th overall and came 1st in 2 individual events (figure-8-skidpad & acceleration-braking test), for which we fabricated a go-kart from a motorbike’s 135cc engine. Currently, I’m a part of team Stratos (BAJA team) for which we’re fabricating our vehicle from scratch for the event in 2019. I’m fortunate enough to be a part of these teams as they were a great experience to learn to work as a team and to finally work on automobiles.

I’ve worked on a 3-axis gripper robot controlled by a Bluetooth module which works based on the Arduino-Uno module. This helped me learn about the basics of electronics and micro controller programming. I’m working on my final year project which is an air-conditioned helmet based on thermoelectric cooling. This project idea was first conceived by me during my daily commute between college and home, which was a round trip of about 30kms during which there’s a lot of traffic, dust, pollution and a lot of heat encountered by bike riders especially in a country like India which has many 2-wheeler riders and helmets are mandatory. Wearing helmets in traffic is very uncomfortable, even though opening the visor could help, it might also allow all the dust and pollution enter the helmet. Thus, I thought of a personalized air conditioning solution which is the air-conditioned helmet.

I’ve attended a couple workshops during my semester breaks, one was about industrial automation and robotics where I met a lot of professionals who were looking to automate their factory or production line, this was a very helpful experience which helped me understand the working of industries early on in life which other people understand only after working in the industry. The other workshop was the automotive industry simulation internship by Expertshub which was a very fun month long internship where we had theory explanations of various concepts about automobiles in detail and also had an afternoon practical hands on tear down sessions where we tore down engines of various automobiles this was a very helpful experience to see the inside of an engine and to understand various components which are overlooked when the subject is being taught theoretically.

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