Devoted and Helpful Essay

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Devoted and Helpful

We all have that one person whom we regard highly of. That person we look up to as a role model. But what is a role model? A role model would be someone who is devoted in most aspects of life to achieve success in the future and always willing to be help usually not caring what the task is. We do not necessarily see this person as particularly perfect but just a good goal of whom we hope to become someday. My sister Priscinda is my role model and she has these traits that I find admirable: being devoted and helpful.

Why is being devoted and helpful qualities seen in someone whom we should regard highly of? The reason being is that being devoted is someone who is very loyal and loving that one person who has dedicated there time to another. Being devoted means commitment, putting others needs before oneself, trusting one another. Can we imagine a life without devotion? No commitment, no follow-through, no grounding in what really matters. Maybe that’s how most people live – losing their center in the face of compelling people and situations, not taking the time to reflect on what is important to themselves. Along with devotion you must also be helpful, we were all taught to help others when we were young. Helpful is being able to help others without expecting anything in return and just doing it out of the kindness of a person’s heart.

It is a value that parents and teachers have been sharing for ages. Yet, sometimes we get so focused in our own world that we do not always go out of our way to help others— we just have too much on our minds and too much on our plates to even bother what others are doing. Being devoted and helpful is of such importance in a person because without these people we would not have anyone to look up to and we would live in a selfish world. Moreover, one person whom I know that exemplifies these traits best is my older sister Priscinda. She is one person that I know best at being devoted whether its school, work, family she is the one to stay committed to be able to succeed.

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