My curiosity in engineering began since my early days of schooling as

My curiosity in engineering began since my early days of schooling as I was very much fond of mathematics. I always liked mathematics as a subject. I did my schooling from MAEER’s MIT School, Pune. It is one of the renowned schools in the city. In my tenth board examination, I was the third highest in the subject scoring 147/150. Thus good scores in my highs school exams made me believe graduation in engineering would be a correct choice for me.

Also, I had it in my genes because my father is also a Mechanical Engineer and today he is a Class-one Officer. He has achieved a respectable position in his life. This inspired me to take Mechanical Engineering at the undergraduate level. Further, I intend to pursue a Masters in Industrial Engineering from XXXX.

During my Bachelor’s of Engineering course at Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT) Pune, I mastered Engineering Graphics, Engineering Mathematics, Applied Mechanics and Basic Mechanical Engineering subjects as these were the base of my core curriculum.

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I gained knowledge in subjects like Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Strength of Materials, Design of Machine Elements, Manufacturing Process, Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Theory of Machines. Based on my interest, I selected Industrial Engineering, Operations Research, Reliability Engineering and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) as my electives in the final year of course. I learned AUTOCAD, MATLAB, SOLIDWORKS and PRO-E software. Thus, my undergraduate study has laid a strong base which I believe will certainly help me to understand and analyze the concepts involved in the Industrial Engineering curriculum at your esteemed university.

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As the course progressed, I made use of the best opportunities available to develop my technical knowledge and analyzing skills. In the third year, I designed a 2 stage Helical Spur Gearbox using Solidworks for components and assembly design as a part of the assignment in Design of Machine Elements subject. My final year project was titled ‘Design and Development of Solar Tracking mechanism using Ganged Heliostats’ and was completed successfully under the guidance of my college professor. Its main idea was to design and develop a system which could track sunrays effectively with dual axis mechanism for ganged heliostats. The advantage of dual axis mechanism was that it could produce more amount of energy at the same time compared with other solar panels. Our project also got sanctioned for funding and thus we were able to manufacture its prototype at our department’s terrace. This project gave me the real manufacturing experience and made me learn the analogy between any system’s design and its manufacturing.

Apart from academics, I was correspondingly passionate about co-curricular and extra-curricular activities as well. I participated in the Zonal level Research Project Competition organized by Pune University. I learned a lot through this competition and the experience was valuable for me. Further, I participated in the college’s technical fest in my first year as a volunteer. While coming to final year, I was elected as the Vice-Chairperson of the same technical fest. Thus I had experienced the journey from being a team member to become a team leader. This transformation has made me professional in my life and helped to develop interpersonal skills and multi-tasking attitude. I am also a member of the Rotaract Club of Aundh since R.I. year 2014-15 and would continue to be a part of it and do as much as possible for our society and serve mankind.

In my final year, I got recruited in a core company called ‘Jindal Soft Italia Seating Private Limited’ as a Graduate Engineer Trainee (GET) and joined the organization from August 2017. I had been given training in each department and was assigned with monthly assignments for improvement in manufacturing process. I had learned KAIZEN concept, Lean manufacturing process, improving production capacity, employing Pokayoke etc. I further was assigned to the Design and Development department. My responsibilities were to check conditions of molds on a regular basis and understand client’s designs of the various products. I worked for a year and then joined ‘BDB India Private Limited’ in September 2018 as Business Development Executive to learn technical marketing. My main reason for job switch was to acquire knowledge and gain experience in both fields i.e. technical as well as management.

My goal in life is to pursue Industrial Engineering for specialization and future career through graduate studies and thus one day to be able to handle the respectable and responsible position in the manufacturing field. I have a dream to pursue my graduate program at your prestigious university which has major exposure to all research fields and get a high-quality education.

I hope that my academic profile, test scores and my exposure to industry practices may be viewed favorably for admission to your graduate school, for pursuing the Master’s program in Industrial Engineering. I assure you that I will work hard during my graduate program and live up to every academic challenge.

I would remain infinitely obliged if you consider me as a prospective applicant for the position. I firmly believe that my enthusiasm and sincerity would be an asset to the university.

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My curiosity in engineering began since my early days of schooling as

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