Pursuing Excellence in Material Science: My Journey and Aspirations


During my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering course, I realized the extensiveness of the field of Material Science, especially in the mechanical field. From the global concerns to address eco-friendly sustainable mobility Material Science engineering which revolutionized the past is also shaping up the future. It is through the developments in the field of Material Science and engineering that we have come from 'mobilizing humanity' to 'humanizing mobility'. I am applying to the MS in Material Science and Engineering program, as by acquiring this knowledge, I will be able to achieve my objective of providing technical solutions to industrial problems while working with companies such as Tesla, Boeing, Daimler AG, BOMAG, BMW, Porsche, Formula 1 teams(Mercedes-Benz), Audi, and Volkswagen.

With a robust scholastic background and exposure, I believe that I have acquired a firm foundation for the intended MS program. I got an admit in the Sinhagad Academy of Engineering, which is famous not only for its Mechanical Engineering but also for its Motor Sport club that has a strong presence and participation in various SAE collegiate competitions such as BAJA, FSAE, Efficycle, Go-Karting, SAE Aero, and so on.

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During college, I gained in-depth awareness about the concepts of Iron-Iron Carbide Structure, Micro-alloyed Steels, Nanotechnology, and Additive Manufacturing, with subjects such as Material Science, Engineering Metallurgy, and Strength of Materials. These subjects are directly related to the intended MS, as they form the basic concepts to study more complicated processes in this area.

My alma mater helped me to maintain a fine balance between scholastic endeavors, and extramural activities.

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At the end of my 2nd year, I joined the college SAE BAJA club (Society of Automotive Engineers), where I got the chance to take part in Design and fabrication of All Terrain Vehicle and participated in various national events such as BAJA SAE INDIA (it is the flagship event of SAE in India), Baja Student India sponsored by the likes of JK Tyres and Volkswagen group. My role included selection, designing of various braking system components, braking variables as well as different chassis materials. During this time, I learned various software such as Creo Parametric, ANSYS, HyperWorks, MatLab, KeyShot and Adams simulation software. I was also the manufacturing head for last year. I accounted for designing and manufacturing of various fixtures for different assemblies. We cleared the brake test and technical inspection without breaking any sweat in any of the events. We were the champions of Baja Student India 2016 with a total of four trophies in different categories and in the very same season, we finished fourth in BAJA SAE INDIA with two trophies.

As a brake system engineer at BAJA team, I came across various hurdles, one such was to reduce unsprung weight of the BAJA vehicle through the braking system. In order to do that we used different sizes of the caliper, one for front and the other for rear wheels. I took this challenge upon myself and decided to design a lightweight brake caliper that could produce more than the required braking force for the front as well as the rear circuit as my final year undergraduate project titled 'Design, Analysis, and Optimization of Hydraulic Brake Caliper for an ATV'. The insight gained during these further steered my interest in MS.

Apart from these activities, my desire to gain knowledge and exposure to current industrial challenges led me to undertake industrial internship at Morya Techno Engineering. Here, I was involved in learning about designing and drafting various components of jigs, fixtures and machine parts, etc. I also worked as a Project Intern for 'Electro-Mechanical Transformer' with Sai Enterprises and was responsible for end-to-end manufacturing process and design of the components on cad software.

After graduating, I joined Automotive Stampings and Assemblies Limited, where I worked as a Graduate Trainee Engineer. I was working in the production department and managed 5 out of the 6 manufacturing lines each consisting of 6 Press Machines. My performance there was lauded by my the Manager, which landed me with an employment opportunity and allowed me to expose extensively in process improvements and related projects. Thus, I have been able to enhance my knowledge in the areas of production optimization methods and attached engineering issues. The most remarkable thing that I could experience was to apply and gain practical experience in manufacturing tools like Just In Time (JIT) techniques, Production Leveling, Inventory Control, Machine Design Process, Information Flow with Kanban which I used to learn basics and theories of these as an engineering student. These experiences have helped me in enhancing my knowledge in the fields of material selection, quality, and reliability of products, and research work on the problems causing the failures in the production systems.

Having come this far, I believe that this is the right time for me to take up a Master's degree course, as it will enhance my knowledge base and enable me to refine my skill-sets. The US universities have always pioneered the research in my field of interest. The US is the Mecca of Mechanical Engineering. As a probable student for MS in Material Science and Engineering program, I believe that if given a chance to pursue higher studies in the US, I will be able to prove my worth in a global setting. On campus, I will focus on establishing a strong base with the study of subjects like Nanomaterials and Computational Material Science during the course.

Post-MS I envision myself as part of a team and want to add value and continue to grow the company that I choose to be a part of in the future. In future, I see myself working as a leader in Research and Development department of a reputed company where I may get an opportunity to solve some of the major challenges of an industry as well as develop new applications in the mechanical industry. I remember my mother always telling me that helping others is the rent we have to pay for living on this wonderful planet. This statement a profound impact on me, and since that day, I have never turned down an opportunity to pay it forward. So, I want work on Fuel efficiency and hybrid vehicle so save our planet from globalization. I thank you for giving a chance to express myself.

Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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