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It is often difficult to tell your own story, as you do not know where to start. It takes a lot of determination for every individual to take up responsibilities as well as responsible decisions in life. There comes a time in every individual’s life when they are confronted with oppositions from all sides, from relatives, well-wishers and from people who do not want them to do well in life. It is only when an individual overcomes these oppositions, and does in life, that which (s)he always wanted to do, that the individual experiences satisfaction and pleasure in narrating her/his story.

I’m an ordinary girl with extraordinary dreams. I live life to the fullest. I am simple. And I believe that simplicity is beauty. I feel happy to narrate my story, purely because I have always followed my dream. Literature is a subject that I have loved from the age of fourteen and continue to do so.

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This passion for my subject is what encouraged me to take up literature for my graduation and the only bit of support that I had in doing so was that which I received from my parents. Being born into a family full of conservative science graduates who were ready to accept nothing but positivism, I had to face resistance, a mighty lot of it.

My high grades in English language at National level school examinations were not at all impressive to most of the people who were ‘truly concerned’ about my future.

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Nevertheless, the unrelenting support that I received from my parents was the main factor that gave me strength to face this resistance. Hence, I pursued my dream, leaving behind all the grumblings of discontent from my well-wishers and entered my beloved classroom in one of the most prestigious colleges of my State. It is in this classroom that I discovered that I had taken the right decision after all, and started loving my subject even more.

Having a military background often helps people to cultivate various qualities like punctuality and a temper that can never stand non-sense. They are the people who get an opportunity to travel a lot in their childhood and this further helps them to communicate easily and express themselves without any ambiguity. Since my father served as a Wing Commander in the Indian Air Force, I was fortunate enough to meet many kinds of people from various backgrounds, could make friends easily and could communicate effectively.

These communication skills helped me a great deal with my academics and contributed to my success as a student, as proven by the position I hold in the class rank list. Education is empowerment and every individual has a right to this empowerment. Bias and prejudices based on caste, creed and poverty should never come in the way of this empowerment. Children should never be denied the right to education, merely because their parents cannot afford to send them to nice educational institutions.

Keeping this view in mind, I signed up in Make A Difference charity organization, which helps to teach under privileged children important subjects like English, Computer Science and Placements. I have enrolled as an English teaching volunteer and this organization aims at teaching the Cambridge syllabus for English, that which is taught in most of the International Schools in the country. As a volunteer, I would like to give these children the best as they have an equal right to education.

The urge to become independent is usually a driving force when it comes to youngsters seeking employment. This urge, combined with a desire to be of financial help to my family is what led me to register at www.asiawriters.com. Writing is a boon given by God and at the same time, it is a talent that I have cultivated since childhood. I wanted to take maximum advantage of my talent in order to pursue my career as a freelance journalist. That is why, today, at the age of eighteen, I find myself writing this article.

With the very little experience that I have in life and with acknowledging the fact that I am only a student, who recently completed her 1st year BA English Literature, I can say that this is my story. The above-mentioned reasons have made me what I am today and although I am aware of the fact that I am a very young girl, I feel happy at having realized my dream. It was always my dream to learn literature and I have always dreamt of writing. Today I feel that I have accomplished something.

As a writer, I have always tried to keep at least one goal in mind to make on paper as close as possible to what I was thinking. Writing is a time for me to be real and arrange my thoughts, as I assimilate my own ideas. It’s a time when I can be me and appreciate every moment. Writing is a freedom of expression. It is beauty and truth, a way for me to understand my thoughts. I write when I am sad and when I’m happy, because it can be my own thoughts, it’s personal and real. When I write, I’m free of burden or pressure.

I think that writing is more than just words on a piece of paper, it is opinions, emotions, your thoughts and most of all, feelings.


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A story of Who Am I
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