Motivation letter for master's in International Studies

First and foremost, let me take this opportunity and express my appreciation for providing such an opportunity for people like me to participate in Equity and merit scholarship application process.

With a master's degree from one of the world's best universities, I firmly believe that it will be a life-changing move to achieve: academically, future career chances and definitely play part in improving the economic and social issues that still affect people in my country.

My wish to acquire an Internation Studies degree sparked back when I had an opportunity to work on the radio station where we tackled issues that derived from the news by then, specifically about women empowerment and the socio-economic aspects that limited them from achieving their goals and improving their lives, businesses, careers, families and many more.

This experience developed a bit my understanding of national development and encouraged me to start a show with my colleague where women of various statuses and career paths were given a platform to come together to advocate, inspire, support, encourage, recommend and advise each other for the betterment of their professionalism, improvement, and growth in general.

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Even though Rwanda is a developing country as of now, there are still poverty and gender gap issues especially in rural areas, and a high rate of unemployment which still hinders in achieving thorough development.

The program courses in International Studies such as poverty and inequality, conflict and reconstruction, governance and management, the environment will help me understand the conditions of development on a local and global level to address the issues mentioned above in my country and region at large.

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Furthermore, the art in which the course requires the combination of research, real-world study and exercise to get a full understanding of what development really means, how its executed and accomplished will also facilitate me with the needed expertise to play a role in not only locally but also regional development.

The US is a modern society and country at large with extreme values for equality and development. The amazing outdoor adventures and nature contribute to a hospitable environment to study.

Still yet, advanced standards, services, and innovative ways of teaching make it an ultimate target for my option of study. I have a strong belief that Texas A&M University meets my ambition and interest because of its strong interdisciplinary and international perspective to scholarly resources, and welcoming to accommodate international students.

Also, the chance to meet people from different countries and societies has always been important for my personal development. I really think that cultural exchange is a key part of learning. My proven record of leadership, communication and management skills, ability to maintain positive attitudes and work ethics, and the quest to challenge ideas will contribute significantly to my learning environment.

On completion of my Master's degree, I hope to work with Non-governmental Organizations or in governmental institutions where there is a demand for development experts in order to contribute to solutions of development programs in my region or country.

I strongly believe that practical experiences gained in this field combined with a degree in International Studies from your University will be important to my professional career and will give me a formal qualification in the field of developments which will fulfill the criteria for my career ambition and will enable me to make a meaningful impact to humanity.


Updated: Dec 12, 2023
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