Motivation Letter - Master`s Degree in Energy Systems

There is a very famous adage, "Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty and Anyone who keeps learning stays young". My decision to pursue Masters in IT for Energy is underlined by my desire to be a part of this program at your institution which offers the flexibility needed for such a vast and rapidly changing and emerging field. In addition, retaining high reputation in having superior standards of education and research activities with the opportunity to challenge myself has motivated me.

I strongly believe that enjoying what we do and having the passion to pursue, can ultimately achieve our destination. My school days imbibed a sense of responsibility and discipline in all aspects of my life. The knowledge gained over the years through my education and various experiences have shown me the path that I should follow and discover myself. During the summer season, in my state, we used to have a regular power cut, so as a school student I used to ask my teachers about the reasons for the power cut.

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They gave me a fundamental idea about the electrical power sources, generation and distribution and told about the non -conventional energy shortage in India, especially in south Ind ia that's when my interest blossomed. Getting admission in engineering is not only very competitive but also requires intense hard work and secured excellent academic credentials and I got admission to one of the leading institutesKCG College of Technology, Anna University, Chennai. As my major for my undergraduate studies I chose engineering with electrical and electronics.

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Right since the beginning of my undergraduate education, they emphasized me to have exposure in various fields . The broad-based and well-balanced undergraduate is also one of the main inclinations towards the postgraduate study and comprehensive curriculum enabled metoacquire, strong fundamentals of many different fields of electrical engineering and other general concepts in theoretical footing and also stoked my interest in application-oriented studies and research. As my college emphasized on having experience and experimenting on all the other various fields in my department. I had a training session from Steinbeis SolarResear ch Centre during my 2 nd year about the introduction and basic of Solar panels, off -gridand on -grid designs which happened to be the base of my unique interest. I had undergone internships on Embedded and Networking in HCL and Wireless Communication in Reliance.

I had done a mini project in our college fest on "Wireless Notice Board" using IoT and Bluetooth and got me Best Innovative Project, Which even drove my interest in programming where I even started learning how the other domains are related to each other and how dependent to each other which makes the stream of learning interesting.

M y final year project was on Renewable energy system which I had done as internship for4months in NIWE - National Institute of Wind Energy, Chennai on "Power QualityImprovement of Solar - Wind Hybrid System Using Energy Storage and UPQC" which is an industrial project done under the guidance of the staffs from NIWE and my college professor. Since it was final year project everyone was awarded among which I was awarded with Best Industrial Project.

I acquired first practical experiences as an intern in NIWE exposing me to real-world engineering the main interface for bringing out the concepts into the application. After my graduation, my professional career started at Emerging where I have worked as ProjectEngineer Trainee. I have been allocated in the job of solar installation and automation and mat lab design and Simulink. "Electrical Power and Energy " is important as it drives the life of people around the world. Being from the world most populated and developing country Ican appreciate the extreme importance of electrical power in day -to -day life. Enormous numbers of power projects with the different domain likewise information technologies and their implementation in the energy sector is a challenging topic and are now in progress to overcome the shortfall of energy efficiency, cost - and environmental effectiveness of energy conversion processes are most significant and complex urgencies in the field of energy, thus resulting in increased demand of power engineers.

Technische Universita t Berlin and Campus El Gouna is an attractive place for research and science, which join hands with students in developing technologies and spread it worldwide. Germany is the largest exporters of automobiles and major Renewable Energy Economy inthe world in addition to that it provide exceptional education. And this course which is completely new and interesting because of its uniqueness which combine s two domains of ITand Energy w hich is needed for an Engineer to be placed in a company or industry, so it actually training us for the industrial requirements knowing not only on the technical side but also the significant concepts of political, economic and ecological consequences.

As well as the modules provided are interesting to learn and sufficient topics are covered to get knowledge about the fields that are important when it comes to the thesis and for place mentso that all of the theoretical concepts can be applied. This convinced me to pursue MS at your esteemed University to broaden my concept from the narrower confines of nationalism to internationalism, thus exposed to two very different study environments, offering a unique interdisciplinary and intercultural experience. The common dream for most of engineers to be a part in research and development. It is achievable by studying this program at Cornell University in the College of Engineering.

I believe that a master's degree will give me the in-depth knowledge to understand the subject and formulate theories, but it is just as important to know how to apply those theories and use that in the real world. And I have gained specific experience in the required field during my final year project and work. It is my conviction that through sheer diligence, I am confident that I will make a positive contribution to society and to your University.

Updated: Sep 23, 2022
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