Letter of Recommendation for a Student Applying to a Psychology Program

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Dear Admissions Committee:

I am delighted to write this letter of recommendation in support of [student’s] application for admission to the University of Washington. I have had the opportunity of being [student’s] teacher and also her mentor. She has learned to think fast, think as a psychologist, and how to determine mental illness and how to deal with it.

During classes [student] was always the quiet one, but when I asked her a question, she would say something amazing and different.

Her response would have the class thinking in a different perspective. In each psychology class, she went beyond my expectations by doing homework assignments early and adding more things about the topic we were talking about. Her goal is to learn as much in college, so she can be the best Mental Health Psychologist possible. Her interest, initiative, and knowledge with respect to working with the mentally ill. [Student] also has a great personality. Her personality will go far in this career because personality is a major way patient connect with their support team.

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I have had the pleasure of knowing [Student] and her family. Ever since she was 16 years old, she always said she wanted to be a mental health psychologist. From that moment on, she has been working with the homeless and mentally ill patients.

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She started volunteering at a homeless shelter in [city]. This has helped her tremendously because this is teaching her how to interact with mental ill induvial without upsetting them. She has also volunteered at her church many times to feed the homeless, and she has gone to local hospitals numerous times to spend time with the mentally ill patients. [Student] just have that spark, she loves working with mentally ill people since she has grown up with two mentally ill people in her family.

[Student] have taken so many psychology classes between high school and college to grow her knowledge and I will forever be thankful that’s she took those classes. She has always maintained a good GPA, her grades have never failed below a B. [Student] never came to class late, never missed an assignment due date, and never made up excuses about things. She will always try to be ahead of the game, by doing assignments right when there are handed out. [Student] is a fantastic person she is also a wonderful student. She is the type of student that every teacher would want to have and to teach. I wish it was so many students like her.

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Letter of Recommendation for a Student Applying to a Psychology Program
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