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A good letter of recommendation from a high school teacher can help undergraduate students get admitted to business programs. This sample letter of recommendation was written for an undergraduate program applicant. See more sample recommendation letters.

===Sample Letter of Recommendation===

To Whom It May Concern:

Cheri Jackson is an extraordinary young woman. As her AP English Professor, I have seen many examples of her talent and have long been impressed by her diligence and work ethic. I understand that Cheri is applying to the undergraduate business program at your school.

I would like to recommend her for admission.

Cheri has outstanding organizational skills. She is able to successfully complete multiple tasks with favorable results despite deadline pressure. As part of a semester project, she developed an innovative collaborative novel with her classmates. This book is now being considered for publication. Cheri not only headed the project, she ensured its success by demonstrating leadership abilities that her classmates both admired and respected.

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I must also make note of Cheri's exceptional academic performance. Out of a class of 150 students, Cheri graduated with honors in the top 10. Her above-average performance is a direct result of her hard work and strong focus.

If your undergraduate business program is seeking superior candidates with a record of achievement, Cheri is an excellent choice. She has consistently demonstrated an ability to rise to any challenge that she must face.

To conclude, I would like to restate my strong recommendation for Cheri Jackson. If you have any further questions regarding Cheri's ability or this recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me using the information on this letterhead.

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What makes an effective letter of recommendation? What format and content is appreciated in admissions offices? And most importantly, what does a good letter look like? The letter of recommendation is often a vital part of a student's college application file. Here is a sample format, along with some helpful suggestions and a complete sample letter, to assist recommendation writers with the process of putting together an impressive statement endorsing a student's application.

The Introductory Paragraph

Start off with a simple To Whom it May Concern (Bonus points for knowing the name of an Admissions Counselor, as it suggests the student has done research into the school's Admissions Office, but it's not necessary). Dear Admissions Officer or the standard Dear Sir or Madam are also acceptable. The first line should state who the letter is being written for.

Admissions officers should not have to fish for the name of the student; it should be front and center. I am writing this letter on behalf of (name of student) is sufficient. Letter of Recommendation for (Name of Student) as a header (centered, before or even in place of the salutation) is also a clear way to make that statement. Next, mention in what capacity and for how long you've known the student, for example: I have known Student X for two years, when he was a student in my U.S. History class. During that time, I found him to be (here, insert a few adjectives that best describe the student). The Heart of the Letter

Examples, examples, examples are key here. Admissions counselors do not want to hear about GPAs, achievements, and extracurricular activities in a letter, as that is information they can get from a transcript or application. They want to learn about students' personal qualities, be it leadership ability, generosity, dedication, or ambition, to name a few common (and effective) adjectives. But with those adjectives have to come specifics, i.e. why a student is so dedicated or ambitious.

Full Sample Letter

Here is a short and sweet sample using the above suggestions: Dear (name of counselor, if known): I am writing this letter on behalf of Jane Doe, who has been a student in my history classes for the past two years. During that time, I have found her to be both a strong student academically and a role model and leader for her peers. Jane is the type of student who always takes the initiative to help out fellow students who may not quite grasp the material, and she does so in a way that is neither condescending nor boisterous.

Though she is aware of her own intelligence, as evidenced by her willingness to challenge herself with honors courses and extra credit work, she has an air of modesty about her that makes her approachable and well-liked among her classmates.

In addition to being Jane's teacher, I also had the opportunity to serve as an advisor for the school community service organization she founded. Jane single-handedly organized group meetings to encourage student participation, and contacted local organizations to coordinate volunteer opportunities. Though I was her go-to person for advice, I trusted her completely in managing the group on her own. Jane would make an excellent addition to (name of university)'s Class of 2013. I recommend her without hesitation. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Sincerely,

Take the above information into account, and the whole process of thoughtful recommendation writing can be much easier. Above all, an effective, high-quality letter will give an admissions officer an idea of who the student is beyond the grades and standardized test scores.

This letter is intended to serve as a college recommendation for Ezra Edlarruti. I have been acquainted with Ezra for four years but came to know him well last year, as he was in the one class that I taught, a thirteen-student junior English class. Last spring, while he was singing the lead in "The Marriage of Figaro, " Ezra became especially interested in a short story that we read as a class, Albert Camus's "The Guest." It is a challenging story for any reader, and Ezra became interested in the subtleties of interpreting it, especially in the difficulties inherent in the translation of such a story.

What did Camus really mean to say and how might his intentions have been compromised by its English translation? Ezra read the original, French, version of the story and then wrote a superb analysis of the compromises inherent in its English translation. His essay was flawless -- his wording apt, and his analysis insightful, logical and comprehensive. Some of our English faculty can't write so well. Students and faculty often remark that Ezra is blessed with considerable talent. What many of them overlook is how hard Ezra works to cultivate his talent, whether it be the development of his beautiful voice for an operatic performance or of his writing skills as he works through an essay.

I know of the effort that he put into book reviews of _1984_ and _Animal Farm_ because he shared early drafts with me. I also appreciate the time that he put into his analysis of "The Guest" because he stopped by periodically to share his enthusiasm for the project and his progress with it. In over twenty-five years of teaching, I have known other students with talent equivalent to Ezra's. Many of them lacked his good nature and humility, and few demonstrated the genuine intellectual curiosity that Ezra has exhibited over and over -- a curiosity that is often accompanied by his excitement or enthusiasm for an idea, an author, a literary work or the lead role in a challenging operatic performance.

When I decided to set up a debate on Henry David Thoreau's "Civil Disobedience, " regarding the role of government in our lives today, in an effort to have the class appreciate more fully the contemporary implications of Thoreau's sophisticated essay, it was Ezra who was most helpful in creating a resolution that would lead to that appreciation. Ezra, to no one's surprise, then agreed to argue on any side of the debate. Ezra is a motivated young man of numerous talents and considerable self-discipline. He is fun-loving, likable, enthusiastic, trusting and trustworthy.

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Letter of reccomendation
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