Recommendation for Oral Examination

The thesis entitled " The Study Habits of Bachelor of Science and Office Administration Fourth Year students in their Major Subjects Stenography" was prepared and submitted by Group 2 in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Office Administration major in Management who is hereby recommended his oral examination

Approval Sheet

In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of the Bachelor of Science in Office Administration. Major in Management the thesis entitled “ Study Habits of Bachelor of Science and Office Administration fourth year students in their major subjects stenography” was prepared and submitted to the College of Office Administration and Computer Technology

Approve by the Panel of Examiners on October 14 ,2013 with a grade of ___ Panel of Examiners

Rosanie EstucheRosemarie Junio Dean, College of Office AdministrationDept.

Head, BSOA Maribel Gabuat Professor


This research would not be possible without the effort of each member of the group. We whole heartedly appreciate our families, friends and companions for inspiring us especially in times when we are about to give up.

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Our thanks to our Adviser Dr. Yan, for the undying support and guidance. Above all to God, The Almighty


The research is dedicated to all subjects of BSOA most especially to those students having difficulties in their studies. Through this research they would be able to have a good study habits. Also we dedicate this research t our Beloved College of Office Administration and Computer Technology(COACT) and also to our love ones who inspired and understand us in shortcomings while we are in the making of research.

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Students face many challenges and milestone in their years in education. In college, new students quickly find that they need to be organized and use their time efficiently. Students are expected to act like adults and are treated as such. Therefore, it is important for college students to learn good study habits to be effective and successful. Study Habits are the keys to learning. Everyone cannot be brilliant but everyone can learn how to study. If one knew how to apply what he knows, he will be successful in his study. Knowing the best what to study will help one to be a better student.

Study Habits are about more than understanding and it must be practiced in order to improve and also to work privately. It is not enough to simply think about studying. There is a saying that goes onlike this: “Practice makes perfect ;Perfect practice makes perfect. Effective study habits gradually acquired by learners will be their sole weapon and strong assurance that they can be successful through the obstacles of education, making them equipped with knowledge, skills and ability to practice what they know inside the classroom with accuracy, ease and confidence.

Background of Study

Study habits are the ways to study. The habits that you formed during your years. Study habits are considered with two various types: Poor study and Good study habits. Poor study habits: all to often, students perform poorly in school simply because they lack good study habits in many cases, students don’t know where to begin, don’t fully understand the material, are not motivated by it, or feel that there was too much work given to them with too little time to complete or study for it. in other instances, it seems that there is just much to study and not enough time in which to study effectively and remember the materials. The second type: Good study habits of successful students apply these habits to all of their classes. They try not to do much studying at one time, instead they space the works to do over for short period of time. It will help to restore our mental energy.

Plan specific times for studying. It can be completely assigned reading, working on a paper/project. Goals will help you stay focused and monitor your progress. Simply sitting down to study has little value. You must be very clear about what you want to accomplish during study times. And also, reviewing school works or activities over the weekend is really; important. Yes! Weekends should be fun time, but there is also time to do some review. This will help you be ready to go for the next days or when another week begins, or you may need to be tested to determine if there is a problem that may be affecting your studies that you are not aware of. Quite often, simple solutions can go to a long way in helping you to develop good study habits.


The major purpose of this study is to determine the study habits of BSOA fourth year students in City University of Pasay Sy: 2013-2014.

1. What are the study habits of BSOA fourth year students?
1.1 At Home
1.2 At School
1.2.1 in classroom
1.2.2 during vacant period
1.3 Working Students
2. How do they adjust in pressure and stress in lesson, project and deadlines?

3. What solutions may be offered to guide the students about their study habits?


Today education is the most important things that everyone should have. It is the one that never been caught to us. That’s why every student was trying harder to make their grades excel for them to get a good job that suitable to his/her knowledge.

The researcher believes that students, particularly the OA 4th year student will be benefited from the findings of this study since the study provides understanding of how their current study habits affected to their academic matters.

Will be help in understanding better the diversity of the study habits of their students. It also helps the student break or removed unnecessary things that can hinder in their study. GUIDANCE & COUNSELING CENTRE:

Will also help this study through providing a more focused knowledge on the factors affecting the students habits .

Will be given information on how the study habits would help them to their academic performance. The result of this study will make them to be aware of the common study habits among their fellow OA students. FUTURE RESEARCHERS:

They may be able to use this thesis as their reference with correlation with study habits.

BSOA Student
It is a person that taking up Office course. They will handle all the office matters like filling, managing files, encoding and any office works.

City University Of Pasay (former Pamantasan Lungsod Ng Pasay) Was established on May 26,1994. It is Located at Pasadena St. FB Harrison Pasay City.

Study Habits
Study habits are the ways that you study - the habits that you have formed during your school years. Study habits can be good ones, or bad ones. Good study habits include being organized, keeping good notes, reading your textbook, listening in class, and working every day. Bad study habits include skipping class, not doing your work, watching TV or playing video games instead of studying, and losing your work. Study Habit of every student is one of the most important factors that affect his or her
understanding regarding a certain subject. It means, if a student possesses poor study habits, she has a greater chance of getting failing grades, if compare to a students who has a good study habit

Review of Related Literature

T.G. Dawood (2010) "Reading is like taking a mental holiday, use your intellectual tools or lose it" is just a quotation in her book, According to T.G. Dawood if you have poor reading skills you are handicapped in learning process a student must be competent in reading one subject maybe deficient in reading another subject. She cite that there are different types of reading, one should adopt the reading skill so he can be able to apply it in different subjects. Intellectual tools are note- taking for every subject that was discuss so you can review it before examination, according to her a student must think before you act, before speaking, logically, before expressing an opinion or when a question is given it is a key to be open minded and also by asking questions we gain knowledge. It is important to realize that we all need to use our intellectual tools as much possible. These tools will help the student or every individual to deal with complex study problems and will also assist you to think about the problem in a new way.

According to Muega (2003), students need to acquire reasoning skills that would enable them to think critically and to make the right decisions claims on issues. Reasoning entails presentation of arguments. It is when one makes conclusions from what he reads. It is from reading and reasoning one gets to extend his knowledge critically. To expand Muega’s ideas, according to Acido (2008), data have revealed that the major difference between students with below average, average, and above average reasoning skills centers on their study habits—whether they have good or bad study habits, and their attitude towards learning a particular skill—whether they are interested or not, are responsible for their learning or not, and take responsibility over what they do or not.

Professors in the developing countries said that the undergraduate students should be fully equip with high level of analytical skills, the capacity for critical reasoning, self-reflection and conceptual grasp and ability to learn autonomously and exercise flexibility of mind (Simmons2003). Study habits are said to be improving because of the advent and wide use of the Internet, hypertext, and multimedia resources which greatly Affects the Study Habits (Liu, 2005).Karim and Hassan (2006) also note the exponential growth digital information, which changes the way students perceive studying and with printed materials that are to be use in facilitating study.

“Academic performance” is not a concept that is new, many social scientist and researchers alike have defined academic performance in various ways. In Nigeria there are many questions have been raised by teachers, parents and students themselves on why students perform poorly academically. Even the government make the books in low cost so that it would helped the situation. Many students complain that complain lack of time or good environment to study. That is, lack of effective study habits. Robinson(1990) "determining time limits for study sets goal for completing ones work within specific time limits". whatever a student spends on study what time of day he sets aside of for work only by organizing and planning their time that student can avoid distraction from regular studies. Many students don’t know how to study probably because they are not aware of what techniques to apply in the study situation or they study at odd time and in odd places that’s why Hills and Ballow(2000)" had an understanding of this deficiency in students approach to study and developed a comprehensive study skill manual for college.

"Solomon (1999) stated that most poor readers are too slow ones. they were often concerned with unimportant details while the good and fast readers often adopt a wider view of all the paragraph. Bruce Tuckman (1975) asserts that performance is used to label the observable manifestations of knowledge, skill, concepts, and understanding and idea. So performance is the application of a learning product that at the end of the process provides mastery. It is the acquisition of particular grades on examination; it shows or indicates the students’ ability, mastery of content, skills in applying learned knowledge to a particular situation. A student is generally judged on examination performance (Banquil et al, 2009).

According to the study of Luisa Baquiran Aquino of Xavier University , the students in the Xavier University of all year levels. Students will be given information on how study effects their academic performance. Based on the theory of confluent education can be drawn provisions of remediation courses, academic learning centers, academic and career skills can be regarded as helpful in improving students study habits and attitudes first and foremost, classroom environment must be conducive for learning students approval of teachers methods and management.

Dean Rosanie Estuche
College of Office Administration
College of Office Administration and Computer Technology
Pasay City

Dear Madam,
We humbly and sincerely need your favorable understanding, our thesis requirement for BSOA is to administer survey questionnaire to selected students of BSOA 4-1 and BSOA 4-2 who are target participants for our research study entitled “Study Habits of Bachelor of Science in Office Administration Fourth year Students on their Major Subject Stenography in City University of Pasay Sy:2013-2014

In this connection, please grant us the permission to conduct the above research to the selected students. The answers and result that will be gathered will be protected and also COACT will benefited from the results Our deepest gratitude for the consideration and support you have extended.

Group -2
BSOA 4-2
Shiela Sheanne Sabella
Jenelyn Balasta

Study Habits of Bachelor of Science in Office Administration Fourth Year Students
on their Major Subject Stenogprahy
in City University of Pasay
SY: 2013 -2014

The BSOA 4th year students ask for you help in completing this survey form. The result will be used by students to improve their study habits. The answers that will be gathered will be consider confidential. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please check the box in your response. Corresponding number that signifies:

Updated: Feb 22, 2021
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