Motivation to Pursue a Healthcare MBA program

Early in life, my family taught me the value of work, the importance of managing, respecting, gratifying the needs of the employees satisfactorily and the rigors of establishing and maintaining a business. For over 20 years, my family has owned and operated a chain of 11 convenient stores and other small businesses. Surrounded and influenced by the ups and downs of daily business life I developed the impetus to succeed in a business setting.

With this business experience, the compilation of science courses taken throughout college and the experience gained in the industry, I am determined to further develop my stance on how I could be most valuable in the society; as a healthcare administrator or hospital CEO.

Throughout the years I have acquired the basics of understanding the health care set up, but a Healthcare MBA from George Washington University is thus the master key to give me the knowledge and skills necessary to conscientiously and professionally execute the responsibilities of hospital CEO.

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During my time whilst at UNC, I was involved with the agency, Communities in Schools, whereby I offered to mentor and/or tutor high school students. A particular experience I cherish is when I helped a certain weak student, who had lost hope in school, to build confidence and motivation to study hard and pass his exams. The student is now attending college and attributes his success to my helping him discover his own potential. These endeavors have allowed me to assume the role of a mentor and an instructor, and have further taught me to become a communicative leader who can guide others in their development.

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Moreover, the sheer amount of pleasure I received from aiding the students in achieving their goals reflects my commitment to a career of service, which your program will steer me towards perfecting. I have perfected my abilities to work well under pressure with minimum supervision throughout the years; the necessary virtues of a good administrator. Perhaps even more important, throughout my experience, I have discovered the importance of sharing and accepting criticism.

I understand how to deliver feedback without judging or discouraging others, and I use the advice of others to improve my own behavior. I admit that throughout my college education, my academic performance was sub-par; however, I attribute this to spending ample time participating in various non-academic activities. I was pushed to my limit as I was compelled to balance my time between studying and maintaining involvement in other aspects of my life that I am passionate, serving others and dancing.

Although being an active person affected my scholastic performance, it was my involvement in those activities that stimulated my leadership potential, trained me to network with various agencies, and allowed me to give something small back to my community. It takes perseverance, drive and passion to rise above set-backs that we create for ourselves along the way and my long-term goal has served as the light at the end of the tunnel. My goal is simple: intellectual enrichment and to use my knowledge to help build a better society.

The experience, knowledge and skills I have accumulated this far, put me in a position to successfully embark on new challenges. I want to pursue a higher degree because I know I have the potential to achieve academic success and thus redeem my undergraduate academic experience. It is my belief and conviction that a person is educated if they constantly strive to attain knowledge while simultaneously recognizing the usefulness of this knowledge towards society. Confident in my ability to adapt well and learn new techniques, I am ready to commit and follow the advice of my mentors; pursue a Healthcare MBA from George Washington University.

Updated: Feb 22, 2021
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