My enthusiasm to pursue a sports science degree is fundamental to my

My enthusiasm to pursue a sports science degree, is fundamental to my ambition to work in the sport industry. My career aspiration is driven by my determination to make a change, whether that is being a part of a national sporting body, becoming a sport psychologist to help athletes mentally or a physiotherapist to help athletes physically.

Studying A level PE, has expanded my knowledge further and the current enjoyment I find in the subject is what has encouraged me to advance my education in it.

My other two subjects link specifically to PE. These are biology, which helps elaborate upon the physiology section such as the glycolytic system, and psychology, which helps expand upon psychological aspects such as learning theories. I have read advanced articles on sport psychology, to provide further knowledge to take into the exam and for personal interest. I recently finished reading an article about the involvement of personality upon sports stars' success, which led me to appreciate the other influences upon sporting performance and allows me to analyse sport psychological theories to a higher standard.

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Additionally, I have completed two MOOCs, one sport in society and the other, Sport endurance. My EPQ on religion and ethics has enhanced my researching skills and developed my ability to create a dissertation. My ability to analyse has developed as well as enabling me to connect historical occurrences to current events as is needed in socio-cultural side of sport.

As senior student representative for PE, I was trusted to organise sporting events and manage teams for multiple age groups.

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Not only this, I applied for and was awarded the post of 'Chairwoman' for GLAMS, a non-profit organisation that encourages more girls to play sport, where my role was to run events and fundraise. My achievements within the role included organising a new point system used in PE lessons which cumulated a reward trip. These roles provided me with leadership experience and an insight into the practical application of psychological theories such as Cognitive Dissonance, as I was able to change their cognition towards sport, to alter their negative attitudes towards participation.

By volunteering in a sport summer program for younger children, I created a higher awareness of the need of risk assessments to avoid injury and increase my communication skills when working in a team and with younger people.

Due to my continued interest, I have played a variety of sports at school level, including basketball and cheerleading. The variation of sports has helped me to develop my confidence and teamwork skills. I went on to join a rounder's league and after training and competing for 7 years, I now have the opportunity to partake in the England rounder's trials. In addition to this, I continued playing netball, playing in a national league alongside my studies. This encouraged me to develop my time management skills with finding a balance between my academic studies, work and sport. While I loved playing, it was too time consuming for my workload, and so to ensure I was prioritising my academic studies, I joined a local team. This decision demonstrates my ability to plan ahead to refine my time management and organisation skills. Alongside sport, I constantly take advantage of opportunities to try new activities; I was a member of the school choir as well as competing in an Eisteddfod poetry speaking competition. I like being involved in a wide range of communities and develop a variation of skills.

As well as the transferable skills mentioned, I consider myself to be a Resilient, Ambitious person, attributes that complement sport.

A sport science degree would prepare me for a successful career in the sports industry, a journey I am excited to begin. I hope that you will consider my application.

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

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