Personal statement: Master of Business Administration (MBA)

It cannot be denied that the subjects or courses that we choose to study will play important roles in our lives. Education is a significant tool in assisting us to achieve our career goals. After I worked at my family business for 4 years, I realized that I needed more knowledge, idea, and more in order to develop my professional skills and my perspective to improve my chances of a successful career in the future.

About my undergraduate studies, I completed Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from Bangkok University.

During my studies, I sincerely speaking that period I was not a good student. It was not because I don’t understand what my teachers taught but it was due to I usually spent my teenager’s life on activities and find experienced outside the class. Definitely, at the present I am totally changed, I have strong earnestness to learn new things to be the better than I am today. This is my crucial opportunity for develop myself by study the MBA program at your institution.

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Regarding my working life, I was inspired to pursue a career from a young age, witnessing the business activities of my parents. They are entrepreneur of real estate business who is very business-minded and dedicated to their work. After graduating from Bangkok University, I worked at Winpro Engineer Co., ltd. the real estate company which is owned by my family, although this is my family business but I begin the job as an officer. From this position, I did and learned several jobs from small tasks, routine to the important jobs with high pressure such as participate in financial management of each projects, control all after sale service department for project which in Bangkok.

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After 2 years, I had been promoted to be a business development assistant manager till now. In addition, I was involved to established new company together with Winpro’s partner that purpose for buying and developing the land in Phang-Nga. However, I still feel that I am not good enough to lead our business. Therefore, I would like to step out my comfort zone and I found that Adelphi University have courses which suited my needs to learn and develop my business administration skills and apply these technical knowledge to improve my working perspective.

After completing the master’s degree, I plan to help my family business and apply what I learn from the program to the benefit of my family business. Within two years after graduating, I expect to run new business on my own that I can be proud of. I believe that my knowledge and potential from the study will show a steady yet rapid progression through the business in my country, and I am eager to continue that progression by enrolling in your program. Therefore, I consider MBA program at Adelphi University to be a very important step on my career path and I am thus very grateful for your consideration of my application.

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Personal statement: Master of Business Administration (MBA)

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