How to write a winning personal statement for graduate and professional school?

Perhaps the architecture is the most challenging and interesting course anyone interested in becoming an architect must undergo. I love architecture as it is influential in creativity, thus shaping our physical environment and promoting design solutions in terms of sustainable regeneration programmes linked to public building, housing and urban design. I am an ambitious, challenge oriented and hardworking person with desires to become a qualified architect. Indeed, my life in the city of Shiraz, Iran has led to my motivation of the architectural environment.

My father was an engineer and since my childhood, I admired his engineering works and in most cases offered my help to him. As a result, this great experience led to my desires to learn design and structural things.

During my time living in the city of Tehran, I witnessed the high degree of expansion of the city, and this made me appreciate the wonderful architectural knowledge and structure of buildings in the city. Numerous individuals have obtained their post-secondary architectural education in the US and became great professionals with new and innovative ideas widely accepted and appreciated in Iran.

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Likewise, the US has promoted energy saving techniques globally, and this led to my decision to study in the country as energy saving and sustainability is important (Irving & Malik, 2005). Having studied sciences and mathematics in secondary school, I felt that I had a solid engineering foundation. Essentially, geometry that was my favorite topic followed a design course that shaped my drawing and design talent.

In my free time, I have always taken close interest in architectural matters by practicing drawing and design.

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Therefore, my passion is based on turning architecture into a career, and I hope enrolling for an architecture undergraduate degree in the US is significant for achieving my dream. As I am about to conclude on my current course in architecture, I consider enrolling for MBA for my postgraduate degree education. Lastly, I believe that my existing skill and experience coupled with my hardworking nature and commitment would provide me the platform to excel in my MBA that I am about to enroll.

Business Administration Personal Statement

My commitment in enrolling in masters in MBA reflects an investment in my future that will help fill my knowledge gap, as well as offer a platform for the next step in my career. MBA is probably the widely recognized and the best course sought after management qualification. With the obligation of interacting with different cultures worldwide, this course would provide me with a practical hands-on experience that will prepare my career after the university. Management is a key tool in any field of study and challenges are also bound to occur. However, enrolling in this course will make me a better professional and develop my potential and finally realize my career dreams. Developing a career as Berman (2013) writes, requires cross-cultural interaction. I have the ability to express personal opinions and ideas. This is significant for succeeding in an environment where interpretation of opinions and ideas of other people is instrumental.In particular, good communication has assisted me during my foundation year as a student in the US. I worked as part of a multicultural group and most recently conducted an anthropological research project that has also upgraded my cultural knowledge and interaction. The research project included designing a survey using a questionnaire to be completed by the local people we approached. The study findings were presented using PowerPoint presentation and indeed working with such a group was highly rewarding. Besides, I captained The Qods Tennis Club in Tehran and also practiced music and playing guitar. Currently, I consider enrolling for an MBA course with a realistic time frame to fully enjoy and appreciate my studies. Indeed, one of the most activities I enjoy in my professional life is empowering other through leadership. Leading groups provides me the opportunity to to develop my colleagues and enhance their skills. Having successfully captained a tennis team and spearheaded my research project, I consider the potential traits of leadership that has provided me with the ability to significantly lead in various capacities. As such I have developed a sincere interest in leadership, and in particular, running groups. Likewise, enrolling for MBA course is essential for fulfilling my business and financial career dreams. Besides, my personal quality incorporates high standards of respect, commitment, and attitude to work, good communication and proven ability to make good judgments, be innovative and work well under pressure. Therefore, having evaluated my career interest, I believe it would be an interesting idea to shift from architectural to MBA.

I consider MBA a comprehensive career as even the traits of leadership, financial management, and the entire business world is intertwined with any career, architecture included. I have a good time at the University of Michigan because of the teaching quality and the highest professionals standards f the courses offered. Besides, I believe the US your MBA teaching in strengthened by world-class research that provides postgraduates authoritative and innovative approaches to theory and practice (Stelzer, 1997).


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How to write a winning personal statement for graduate and professional school?

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