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SOP- ESC Clermont MIM
Words • 1066
Pages • 5
STATEMENT OF PURPOSE With the histrionic advance in the technological world, it would be difficult to play down the significance of Management in the business today. It is against this atmosphere that I have realized the need to pursue further education in Management at the ESC Clermont Graduate School of Management in order to realize my career objectives, which is to establish a thriving career in Management field. I chose to enrol my Master's In Management (MIM) program with you…...
AccountingEducationGraduate school
The student qualities into finishing graduate school
Words • 449
Pages • 2
What abilities/qualities do you possess which could bracket you into finishing graduate school? I am consistent to my core guide of life, my 3D's - Determination, Dedication and Discipline. As I go the list of qualities I outlined above, I must remember that they are not special or hard to find, long way I have lived with it since they are my personal philosophies to be happily successful. We all have them in some measures. The thing I need to…...
Graduate schoolQualities
Marry has graduated from high school and is pursuing a bachelor
Words • 577
Pages • 3
Marry has graduated from high school and is pursuing a bachelor degree in science. She is from an average living family where her dad and mum both have successful careers and are full-time employed. Marry seems very anxious and unease. She has seemed career counselling because of the interview she wants to apply for in a company for a position in the laboratory. She describes how afraid she is to be interviewed and feels awaked when meeting new people. She…...
AnxietyGraduate schoolHigh schoolPsychology
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Personal statement for PhD in forensic science
Words • 578
Pages • 3
Paper Type:Personal essays
My interest in Forensic Science was developed primarily in my undergraduate years and was strengthened during the initial stages of my Master’s Degree in Molecular Biology. While I was still working on my undergraduate degree, I became fascinated with chemistry and how the science can be used in many practical applications for a variety of industries. What captured my attention the most is how using current science and technology, specialists are able to determine details of a crime scene that…...
EducationForensic ScienceGraduate schoolPersonalResearchScience
Example of Personal Statement
Words • 881
Pages • 4
Paper Type:Personal essays
I will never hide my talents, if I am silent, I am forgotten. If I do not advance, I will fall back. If I walk away from my challenge today, my self-esteem will forever be scarred, and if I cease to grow even a little, I will become smaller. I reject the stationary position because it is always the beginning of the end. This philosophy has played an important role in shaping my objectives and framing my plans for the…...
Being YourselfGraduate schoolPersonal
Sample of recommedation letter
Words • 1301
Pages • 6
At the request of my student Hong May, I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation in support of her application for admission to graduate study at your university. I am a senior professor specialized in the field of criminology for over 30 years, and have once pursued advanced studies in the University of Leicester in Great Britain. May has been a student in many of my classes during the past four years, so I have learned a great…...
CollegeEducationGraduate schoolHigher EducationLawReason
FEU Admission Policies for incoming Freshmen
Words • 441
Pages • 2
The following policies for admission and retention shall be effective School Year 2012-13 and apply to all incoming freshmen and transferees entering the school in that school year. 1. All incoming first year shall be subject to the University’s admission requirements, as administered by the Admissions Office 2. Students pursuing a degree in Accountancy shall be enrolled initially in the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Major in Internal Auditing program (BSBA-IA). 3. To be eligible for admission to higher studies…...
College AdmissionEducationGraduate schoolHigh schoolSchool
Sample Graduate School Inquiry Letter
Words • 1401
Pages • 6
My name is Grant Eckstein, and I plan to apply for the Second Language Studies PhD program at Purdue University for the upcoming Fall enrollment. Prior to applying, I wanted to email you to introduce myself and get more information about the program and specifically about your research interests. By way of introduction, I have a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and a master’s degree in TESOL from Brigham Young University. I am currently a program supervisor at our English Language…...
CurriculumGraduate schoolResearchTeacher
Postdoc recommendation letter
Words • 884
Pages • 4
I am writing in support of Janet Lerner’s application for an NSF Fellowship. Janet is genuinely a gifted student with great potential as a research scientist. I encourage you to give her your most careful consideration. Janet has been conducting an independent honor’s research project in my laboratory for the past year. Without a doubt, Janet is one of those rare individuals that comes along only once every few years; she is highly intelligent (her transcript is blemished by a…...
EducationGraduate schoolResume writingSchoolScientist
High school graduates should take a year off before entering college
Words • 572
Pages • 3
A woman takes a selfie from a high angle A selfie is a type of self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone. Selfies are often associated withsocial networking, like Instagram. They are often casual, are typically taken either with a camera held at arm's length or in a mirror, and typically include either only the photographer or the photographer and as many people as can be in focus, which is more commonly known as a…...
Ansel AdamsCameraCollegeGraduate schoolHigh schoolSchool Life Vs College Life
How to write a winning personal statement for graduate and professional school?
Words • 900
Pages • 4
Paper Type:Personal essays
Perhaps the architecture is the most challenging and interesting course anyone interested in becoming an architect must undergo. I love architecture as it is influential in creativity, thus shaping our physical environment and promoting design solutions in terms of sustainable regeneration programmes linked to public building, housing and urban design. I am an ambitious, challenge oriented and hardworking person with desires to become a qualified architect. Indeed, my life in the city of Shiraz, Iran has led to my motivation…...
ArchitectGraduate schoolPersonal
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How to write a winning personal statement for graduate and professional school?
...I consider MBA a comprehensive career as even the traits of leadership, financial management, and the entire business world is intertwined with any career, architecture included. I have a good time in UK Cambridge University because of the teaching q...

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