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Life After High School
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I remember that towards the end of my senior year in high school, my parents suggested that I apply to a four-year college. They also offered to pay for the cost of going to college as long as I would go full-time and would start right after high school. They believed that I would be more prepared to challenge the real world by having a four-year college degree rather than just a high school diploma. Having a higher education made…...
Back To SchoolBetter Late Than NeverLife After High School
For-Profit Colleges
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Pages • 4
Paper Type:College essays
You ever enjoy television and see the commercials for colleges and hear the people state "this college changed my life" or hear that the school has classes for the significant your interested in. Then you get the urge to go back to school and you see that there's very little requirements to get into these schools as long as you have money for tuition. Those are what you call for-profit schools. Now the question is are these schools in fact…...
Back To SchoolCollegeEducation
Furthering My Education
Words • 558
Pages • 3
I'm going to discuss going back to school farthing my education. From the time i finished from high school i always want to go back to school. I never made the effort to do so. I would constantly check out returning to school or talk about going back to school but never ever made the effort to go. Up until one day I started working in kid care which moated me to go much more. Going back to school was…...
Back To SchoolEducation
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Analyse Obamas Speech Back to School
Words • 1124
Pages • 5
Essay: Barack Obama´s speech ”Back to School” A good education is important for the society. If you have a good education, you can get out of poverty and break the social heritage and thereby help yourself and the society. This is some of the things Barack Obama enters in his speech. The speech was given at Wakefield High School in Arlington, Virginia on September the 8th in 2009. The sender is Barrack Obama - the president of the United States…...
Back To SchoolEducationSchool
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