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Cyp 3.7 Task 2.1
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Pages • 5
The 5 Positive Outcomes from Every Child Matters 2003 TASK 2. 2. 1 ENJOY AND ACHIEVE Children and Young People attend and enjoy school. Achieve personal and social development and enjoy recreation. We Ensure children enjoy learning and achieve to their full potential, by allowing children to challenge, be creative, explore and problem solve. We ensure children have freedom of choice and follow their interests. ACHIEVE ECONOMIC WELL BEING Children and Young People live in decent homes and sustainable communities,…...
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The factors that affect leaving of students in XYZ School
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Pages • 5
Introduction to the Topic- Background to the study The dissertation prominently focuses on the factors that affect or influence leaving of students in XYZ School. In regard to any institution or school, the primary factor determining its success will reflect from its turnover rate or attrition rate. With students being the backbone of a school and playing a vital role in the smooth functioning of day to day activities, this topic is widely researched upon, over the years. Any school…...
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Problem statement and significance of the study
Words • 831
Pages • 4
Each year, nearly 30 percent of all public high school undergraduates– and approximately 50 percent of all blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans – do not succeed in graduating from public high schools among their class. A lot of these students dropout from school with less than two years remaining for completion of their high school learning program. In 1997, the dropout rate for students aging from 16 to 24 years was recorded at 11 percent, signifying a minor reduction as…...
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Minimum School Leaving Age
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Pages • 2
In some countries the minimum school leaving age is 15 years and children and their parents have no right to decide when they will leave school. According to the law in those countries it would be illegal for them to leave school earlier. However, there is a number of reasons for children to have to leave school earlier not taken into the account by the government. Firstly, I am going to consider the family reasons. It is undoubtedly true that…...
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Education Systems of Vietnam and England
Words • 355
Pages • 2
The secondary education system is very important for both Vietnam and England. It created for children's future purpose. Compared to Vietnam, England's current system of secondary education has a long tradition and higher quality, while the secondary education in Vietnam is borrowing from many different countries and poor quality. However, both countries have some similarities and differences in their education system. Their similarities include the free education, the national curriculum applied for all state schools, but they both have some…...
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