Minimum School Leaving Age

In some countries the minimum school leaving age is 15 years and children and their parents have no right to decide when they will leave school. According to the law in those countries it would be illegal for them to leave school earlier. However, there is a number of reasons for children to have to leave school earlier not taken into the account by the government.

Firstly, I am going to consider the family reasons. It is undoubtedly true that not all families have the necessary financial basis to raise a child.

On the contrary, families in some countries are so poor they hardly have any money to support their day-to-day living. Sometimes they cannot even provide a child with a lunchbox for school or the suitable clothing, not to mention paying the school fees. In these cases families often want their children to start working at an early age so, by earning their living, they can help the family to survive.

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Often the attitude towards education in those families is very negative; they do not find it useful for a child and consider it as waste of time.

Secondly, it is important to consider how schools may influence students to leave school early. The common problem to cause many children, especially the talented ones to leave early is bullying. Despite their awareness of the problem, some schools still fail to notice the signs and take necessary measures to protect children from constant abuse by other students.

Thirdly, I would like to mention personal reasons such as poor learning ability, lack of wiliness and motivation and also personal circumstances in particular early pregnancy for girls.

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These factors may also cause children to leave school.

However, even though there are family, school and personal reasons resulting in children leaving school before reaching the minimum school leaving age, it is still very important for children to reach a minimum level of education before entering the adult world. In particular this is essential in a way that a child should have had expanded their own knowledge to the point where they are able to make decisions and choices of their own rather than their parent’s.

In conclusion, it is vital that governments ensure children reach a minimum level of education by motivating students to stay at school. For example, schools may introduce more subjects for students to choose from, and make those extra subjects job orientated. They can also improve the ambiance at school and establish rewards for children to continue their education.

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Minimum School Leaving Age

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