The Case of Why Should the Voting Age Stay at 18: Lowering the Voting Age

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Having a good leader is in the hands of the nation’s people. It is a great privilege and honor to choose and vote the person who we think can make a difference, a difference that not just benefits the few, but rather all of the citizens- young or old, professionals or common people, even rich or poor. Thus, young people of today are now more eager to be involved in the political aspect of the nation. The teens and other adults are suggesting to lower the voting age from eighteen (18) to sixteen (16) so that teens can have an equal right to vote and choose for the sake of their own country.

However, there are reasons why the voting age should stay at 18. This suggestion is being questioned by many since they believe that teens, especially those who are 16 years old and below are not matured enough to handle some political issues that may arise. In addition, youngsters are of this generation should be taught well because they have a tendency to make wrong decisions when it comes to voting.

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Hence, lowering the voting age should not be implemented since most of the young people are not yet matured enough to become politically in our society.

Reasons Why the Voting Age Should Stay at 18

There are lot of controversies and speculations in the world of politics, and it is very essential to every people to participate wisely on voting. For some people lowering the voting age would have a positive impact on electoral participation.

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This is because young people under 18 are likely to still be in school and live with their families, two factors that have been shown to encourage turnout through a variety of socialisation mechanisms (Franklin, 2004; Highton and Wolfinger, 2001; Bhatti and Hansen, 2010). However, the political maturity of the young people is always being questioned by many people. According to the research conducted by Chad and Clayton on 2006, 16- and 17-year-olds are not as mature as other voters. Though they will vote because they need really need to, there is a tendency that they would not challenge the government to respond to their interests. Lowering of voting age is seen by many as a way to develop the societal engagement of young people. According to Brandon Gaille (2018) by encouraging voting at a younger age, the habit of being engaged with society forms earlier, creating a better chance that the teen voter will become a regular adult voter. Voting is the only way for the people to freely choose who will gonna lead them in the future. Voters should have motivation in order for them to participate effectively in elections. Aside from being politically immature, teenagers also lack motivation to participate effectively in elections. It is suggested that this will lead to low turnout rates, comparable to – if not even lower than – those observed among citizens aged 18–25 (Electoral Commission, 2004). A further consequence would be that citizens under 18 might not make use of their vote as effectively as older voters. But teenagers are not kid anymore, how can they be unaware of what is really happening? This is the question that is being asked by many. For them, teenagers make rational choices. Although teens tend to have trouble with elements of emotional regulation and impulse control, their ability to make logical, rational decisions is already developed. How about understanding the issues of the society? Are they capable of grasping the real essence of being politically involved in the society? According to Crystal Ayres (2015), young citizens lack the maturity needed to cast a meaningful vote. They are easily being swayed and their interests are not focused on the sake of many, but for their own sake only. Moreover, sixteen-year-olds lack many adult responsibilities. Forbidding 16-year-olds from voting is consistent with many other laws that govern their behavior until they turn 18. As the Law Dictionary laid out, teens at age 16 aren't allowed to work full time, apply for a credit card, participate in jury duty, or be held accountable for their own debts. (Hunter-Hart, 2018)

Equal Participation in the Voting Process

It is very important for every people to have a participation on the election because they can freely choose who do they think can be good leaders in their society. Nevertheless, lowering the voting age should still not be implemented because teenagers are not yet ready to participate in election. In conclusion, voting age should not be lowered because: Young people are not yet politically matured to become involved in elections; most teens lack ideas about politics and lack ability to vote wisely; youth are not that so open-minded about the issues in the society and; they are too young to take responsibilities on their shoulders as voters.


Though youngsters are not yet ready to become politically involved, still no one can deny that the youth will always be the hope and beacon of the world, so we should still mold them and teach them to become better individuals, let them learn how to be wise decision makers, and guide them so that they can create a change in our society in the future.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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