Leaving home Essay

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Leaving home

Every child needs to be surrounded by tenderness and love in order to grow up to be a successful person. Parents try as much as they can to offer everything that is required for their baby to have a comfortable life. However, when their children become teenagers, they will want to prove their maturity in many different ways, and one of them is moving out to live independently. In my belief, leaving home to live independently cannot indicate the teenagers’ maturity base on three following reasons: young people are lack of maturity, they cannot receive support from family and school, and their finance will be unstable. First of all, teenagers cannot live independently due to the lack of maturity. At this age, teenagers cannot predict the consequences of their doings. They will be undisciplined and begin to do bad things.

All moving out-teenagers will be overwhelmed with having to take care of themselves so they will easily to be depress. Therefore, they will start to get into bad habits such as drinking, abusing drugs, and smoking in order to release stress. Moreover, they are very young, so they are unable to have thought through decisions. Teenagers without their parents have no one there to tell them right or wrong and they will probably end up making bad choices. Furthermore, teenagers can easily be influenced by others especially bad people; therefore, they can entice into committing crimes. Because the rate of criminals, drinking, and drugs is so high for teenagers that move out early, young people should not live apart from their parents.

Next, when they start to live independently so early, they will be lack of many strong support systems such as family and education. Preventing from starvation is a must; however, these young people do not have enough time to learn how to cook for themselves. Instead of eating cooked nutritious food, teenagers have to eat instant food or fast food which is not good for their health. Thus, they will miss the food made by their parents. Moreover, when they live away from home, they will have to do the work themselves. Cleaning, washing clothes, finding food and shelter will cost lots of time and effort, so it will not leave so much time to do other things. Besides, moving out during teenage years, there will be a higher chance of dropping out of school because their time is all spent on working and doing housework. When their study is interrupted, they will be lack of knowledge, and this will prevent them from having a job, a better life and brighter future.

Finally, living on their own, teenagers cannot receive the needed financial support from parents which leads to the financial instability. Having a place to stay, having enough money to live and to protect oneself require a lot of money. On the other hand, earning money is an extremely difficult task, and for young people, they also have to take on further challenges when finding a job. For instance, many jobs require lots of degrees and certificates; moreover, most places do not allowed youngsters to work under the legal working age which is an18 years old. Most early teenagers are very stubborn and they are scared of being embarrassed; therefore, they will not likely to ask for any help from anybody. So when they do not have enough money to support their lives, they will easily commit crimes. At a result, they become a burden to society.

In conclusion, teenagers are the one who always want to prove themselves to the world. One of the most common methods is leaving home when they are very young and are not mature enough. However, living apart from parents during the teenage years is not a good indicator to prove their maturity. Living alone in the society is very dangerous to people especially teenagers, due to the fact that they can be influenced from many bad forces in real life. Therefore, I believe that the most wonderful time in life is teenage years and people should always value this period of time with their parents.

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