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The Importance of School Education in Child Development
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Many researches recognized strong positive connection that parents, families and communities share with schools, which play a vital role in the development and education of children (Edwards & Alldred, 2000 ; Richardson, 2009; Sheldon, 2009). The theories given have been supported, and reaffirmed by a number of studies that have shown that good cooperation between schools, homes and the communities can lead to academic achievement for students, as well as to reforms in education. Research has also shown that successful…...
Child developmentChild EducationImportance Of School Education
The Importance of Sex Education in School
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Pages • 7
Walking out of the high school building less than two years from her graduation date, is a young mom toting a child on her hip. She shushes the screaming baby, trying to stuff the newly printed out GED into the diaper bag dangling precariously from her shoulder. She’d had dreams of attending college and getting her dream job however, that all changed in the tenth grade. She didn’t plan on being a teenage mother, but her lack of education on…...
AdolescenceBirth ControlHealthImportance Of School EducationSex EducationSexuality
The Importance of Sex Education in Today’s Schools
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Pages • 10
"What did you learn about in school today honey?" "Oh, we did some proofs in Geometry, practiced past tense verbs in Spanish, and learned about sexually transmitted diseases in Health class." Suddenly, all goes silent, and the subject is quickly changed to something else. One of the most controversial issues facing today's schools is whether or not sexual education, or "sex ed," should continue to be taught to children. On one hand, some argue that it should, because children need…...
AdolescenceImportance Of School EducationPlanned ParenthoodSex Education
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Importance of Physical Education in Schools
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Importance of Physical Education in Schools SPO3001 Learn to Swim Table of Contents Page Introduction3 Definition of Physical Education3 What is taught in Physical Education?4 Importance of Physical Education5 The Importance of Physical Education as it relates to Swimming7 Disadvantages of lack of Physical Education 9 Conclusion10 References11 Introduction Physical education plays a vital role in students’ development and growth. According to recent medical studies, physical well being of a student is directly related to his or her performance whether…...
EducationHealthImportance Of School EducationPhysical Education
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